Veganism… Your Flavors are Still King

Friend and fellow Lacy Davis has wonderfully motivation life/recipe blog I often visit. A post of hers enlightened me to my own recent neglect my strongest dietary foundation, Veganism.


With the novelty of the pastured egg (chickens, ducks, and quails O my) available for culinary play, I have been unfair to my friend fauna. Aside from eggs I am eat no animal products. Taking energy percentage into account diet is 85% vegan… I mean I eat my weights worth of veggies per week. I did eat 6 eggs today (blame the livkly lifting of a crossfit total max out morning) but…

I also ate:
Cup o quinoa
½ a spaghetti squash
1 turnip
1 beat
1 avocado
½ a red onion
4 cups spinach
½ a block of tofu
handful of roasted chestnuts (Last o the season… sigh*)
hempseeds, tahini, pumpkin seed, flax, garlic, and what ever the hell else I’m forgetting

Eggs my be in the lime light, but plants clearly rule the day.

That said here is an awesome recipe I make some variation weekly… or daily.

NOT NACHO CHEESE: A savory satisfying goop to spread generously on all things edible

Whip it good

Whip it good

½ cup steamed or boiled carrots (beets work well to)
1 tb yellow or white miso paste
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
½ cup stock, or H2O from boiled/steamed carrots
*stock = nutrients and flavor
*sweeter cheese = ½ cup cocomilk and one date… or some honey


Steam or boil carrots (or beets) til the achieve a slightly al dente softness, toss them in your blender or food processor and let it ride. Once its about the consistency of humus your good to dip, top, dress, and wrap this versatile cream.

This recipe is demand customization and variation, so cayenne it up, zap it with some ginger, seek in some greens, or add some silken tofu for a protein boost.

P.S. It’s pretty bomb in an omelet


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