RAW Show July 2011

Hello, technocryers, internetsters, and digital world bridgers. A blog to assert that “I AM HERE!” Now let’s see that exclamation sink into digital chaos indiscernible.

So July would have been my most recent showing. Got on board with this organization called RAW artists. The show was good because being in my home town again a good deal of my family was able to see what this hobby in print making comes to. My Dad liked the opportunity to be somewhere hip, the kind of place he could pull of the suit blazer and t-shirt looks. He looked sharp.

The most valuable part of being involved with the show was being spurred to create some prints after over a year out of the game. I discovered, like so many other low budge’ relief printers before me, the simple meditative dignity of the wooden spoon method. To be able to begin printing again after purchasing maybe $50 worth of materials was reassuring. I can keep printing. I brought the materials to let persons make prints at the show itself which was intriguing to some, but the over all crowd was a little more geared towards what an urban basement night club hopes to attract. High stimuli low contemplation, the reverse of the mindset required to slowly, strongly, and evenly rub a wooden spoon over a delicate piece of rice paper. Still more shocking was the lack of interest in the bowl of fresh picked apricots free to the cosmopolitan public.

No one should turn down fresh fruit, no matter how out of contexts its existence may seem. That is the axiom by which I live my life.