Weight Lifted

I person with a journey similar to my own wrote something very powerful. Lacy wrote it here , I wanted to share it.


Weights, they make me feel powerful. They insure that I eat hearty and often.

I want weight to get bigger, therefore I must get bigger.


When I think the thoughts of self sabotage, I know enough to swallow them. Chew em’ up and swallow them. Eating your negative thoughts is more important than eating your veggies sometimes.



Lacy’s timing is perfect. Someone close to me has just confided in me some of her own issues surrounding food. Issues similar to my own.

Imma show her this.

Cambodian Cold Cure

Found an epically haphazard gym in Cambodia’s capital apptly named King Kong fitness. It has been a while since I encounter barbells; the work out was a grueling one.


That night I was up till 4 am celebrating a birthday with some friends and had the good sense to end the evening with a late night plate of deep fried pork ribs.


Got up at 8 am the next morning and, after three cups of strong coffee, decided a little crossfit exercise would be just fine.


Well, by 6 pm guess was sick with a fever. Yup, my throat felt like I had swollowed an inner tube coated in chilli sauce. 12 hours sleep later I woke up still feeling like crap.

Valuable lesson learned. When I push my body to hard my immune system plummets. Thank the Buddha I am at a friends house and not some cheap and mold ridden backpackers hostel. I can even cook my own food. Just got to hop down the block to the Cambodian super market.

Soup is a cold gold standard. I’ll just head on down to the market and get some super foods


Mint, basil, chicken, banana blossom, and blood tofu. A chicken soup for the Cambodian soul. Everyone herd of the healing power of herbs so I will skip to the two odder ingredients.


A Banana blossom is the giant purple flower at the center of a banana tree. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is a tried and true nourishment. It can even treat excessive menstrual bleeding, which is thankfully not one of my symptoms.


Blood tofu, tofu’s black metal soy free cousin. Basically congealed pig or chicken, texture and flavor wise it is very similar to tofu. When it comes to mineral content though, it leaves soy in the dust. I am pretty much eating pure protein dense iron.


Well that was yesterday’s lunch and today I am on the mend. Good news because at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning I gots a 12 hour bus Bangkok.

On Cambodia’s only road. Oi.

My throat thanks the kind soul who invented these.


Ancestral Air Travel

Off to South East Asia for 6 weeks and I plan on posting some ancestral eats. til then though…

Sitting at a cafe in the San Francisco International Terminal; marveling at my snacking skills.

25 hours to Bangkok. O you know I brought treats.

–  Almonds and raw Brazil nuts
– Raisins. I really like raisins
– Hard boiled eggs
– Avocado. The last one for a while I am sure
– 2 packs farmer’s market jerky
– so much celery
– Liver pate Ha! I will have mercy on my seat mates and eat this preflight
– A small bar of dark chocolate. 81% molded by yours trully at Coracao Confectioners

This paleo life is down right goofy sometimes. Pasture pork liver pate got some odd looks at the security checkpoint.

To be honest. It would not be to tough to keep snacking healthfully at airport these days. Fruit is everywhere, salad with some chicken or fish is not unheard of, and you are never more than ten feet from sushi in Cali these days. But I ain’t about to spend $20 on some factory farming and freezers veggies if I can avoid it.

These are not tips. Paleolithic air travel snacks is an old hat post. Most just suggest fasting but for an epicurean it is more fun to find ways of eating organs in original places.

An X-MASS Hiatus Draws to a Close

Christmas was fun and now it is done …. Sigh* I have prepared a photo essay to tell a paleo holiday tale.

mango_wrapWent to Peace Pies Raw Vegan Cafe....sneakily brought hard boiled eggs.

Went to Peace Pies Raw Vegan Cafe….sneakily brought hard boiled eggs.

Used Dad's Gym

Used Dad’s Gym

Push Pressed our tree

Push Pressed our tree


Again. Peace Pies

Met my Moms new Mammoth man

Met my Moms new Mammoth man

Roasted him a six pound chicken

Roasted him a six pound chicken

Used Dad's Gym






Siesta (post gorge nap)

Siesta (post gorge nap)

Happy New Year Yall. Cheers to the healthiest one yet.

Ditching Protein Powder, Tis’ the Season

There are two thing I do more often when it is cold.

Eat Squash.

winter_veggie_gheeLift Weights.


Well baby it’s cold outside.

Thankfully I have put on about 10 pounds of muscle since last June. I know because my body fat has not budged.


Last June… oi.

I am not bragging…. but given this moderate success I feel that I know a little about muscle building on a whole foods diet (no gluten, no sugar, no grains).

winter_butternutTower of Power

I crave carbs and I eat them by the pound in winter. I even drink them sometimes.


I used to be afraid of large meals. Part of me still is. Orthorexia is a constant mild nag me.

Orthorexia =  a proposed eating disorder or mental disorder characterized by an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy.

Like my thighs after squats.


No starving this winter though, not when there are so many heavy things that need picking up.


Here is a post lifting snack I have been hitting up lately.

Sean’s Post Lift Pie Jar:


  • 2-3 hard boiled eggs
  • 1/2 cup roasted winter squash (kombocha, pumpkin, delicata, acorn, butternut)
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 finger pinch salt
  • little bit o coconut oil or olive oil.

Sounds a little gross, tasted a lot delicious.

Mush it all up and enjoy a jar of recovery nourishment.

Cheers to your health. Merry X Mass and happy new gains.


For Digestive Recovery, Merry Marrow Mellow

Recently, a tinkerist/herbalist/chemist/chef/friend has begun to play with gelatin. Her creations are pure alchemy, delicious alchemy.


Gelatin =  A translucent, colorless, flavorless, solid substance, derived from the collagen obtained from various animal by-products (joints, marrow, connective tissue).

As a vegan, low quality gelatin had been the bain of my existence, barring me from the treats of youth.


As a whole foods omnivore not much has changed.

How I do miss a good marshmallow.


Child don’t you dare mock me.

Gelatin has re-entered my life and diet these day. It is sneaking into my stocks, broths, curries, and moles with each beautiful bone-in cut of beast.


Gelatin can improve digestion, naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track. Something I, well, struggle with.

The specific amino acids proteins in gelatin (glycine and proline) are the type needed to build muscle, repair tissue, and lessen inflammation.  Recovery jelly; what I need after an intimate encounter with one of these.

tiresSo Florentina Craft, a sweet tooth can be medicinal huh?

gelatin_cbSo claims your crème made with the marrow of beef shanks.

gelatin_snacksOr these orange oil infused honey kissed jelly squares.

gelatin_marshOr, O yes, these cinnamon marshmallows.


Into the dark coco they go.

S’more to come yall.

How to Beet Botulism

The wind is hollowing maddly outside my Oakland home, and the night is ripe for tales of fermented horror.

Interesting thing about the human mouth. It is a bacteria county fair, scratch that, state fair.

How do I know this? A little experiment with my Beet Kvass

ferment_kvassHere it is 3 weeks after bottling, purple and pristine, not a single speck of botulism. I took a sip and put it back on the counter.

kvass_3One day late the light film of mold on the surface that that hunk is pointing to.

kvass_23 days later, that mold is a little more than light now. Lets take a sip out of the big jar and check on it in a week


E gad! look a the difference, the deep and perfect purple uncorrupted by my lips versus the pink bubble mess soiled by my reckless taste testing. Reminds me of my favorite Dr. Suess book.


Solutions?Once a ferment is kissed by lips, make sure to bed it in the refrigerator where mold is so slow to grow.

And was my Kvass ruined? Nah I just scraped the bubbly pink off.