Food, News, and Health on my Rest Day

Bridges to Breakfast:

The Dude does not abide kids missing breakfast because they can’t make it to school in time.” – Politico


I had not idea Jeff Bridges was such a gritty champion of hunger issues in the USA. His latest venture is a push to have breakfast served at the beginning of class for students who can not make it to school before the bell. Schools seem reluctant because they fear for the class time it will take… But

report from Deloitte has found that if 70 percent of elementary had access to breakfast in the classroom, it could mean that 3.2 million more students would score higher on their standardized math tests and up to 4.8 million fewer school absences per year.

That should make up for the eggie interruption. I just hope Kellogg’s and Post Cereal don’t hope onboard.

Greenland and Icey Floating Farms:


“We had what seemed to us a massive resource on one hand, and a massive lack — no local produce — on the other,” Meriem Chabani

Iceland new farming method is a projected beauty. Full of icebergs and happy families apparently. I hope it comes true.


This Weeks Ferment: Creole Kraut


  • 3 heads green cabbage
  • 2 big golden beats
  • 20 tiny Thai chilles
  • Paprika, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne
  • 3 TB pink salt

I am thinking about 10 days ferment time should do it.

High Fat Hoop Dreams

Quote of the day.

“First you get a swimming pool full of bone broth, then you dive in it.”


I know I have been touting bone broth alot lately but it seems to be internet choice for hot beverage of 2014. Hell, even dogs are getting a cup.

I have seen my own gut health improvement correlate with bone broth consumption…. and upped fat consumption in general.


Correlation is not causation but as long as it stays this delicious I just don’t care.

The Lakers Basketball team’s nutrition and strength couch bought a 400 lb grass fed cow last year.


This created a lot of fat fandom as more ballers saw health improvements on a high fat paleo style diet.

Kobe is all about it.

What is on the menu. Veggies and meat. Alot of kale chips and kombucha involved.



Sport writer, Danny Chau, adopted a one week paleo experiment. Coming straight from the standard American Diet He had this to say.

“It’s ridiculous to expect a world of change in seven days…  I’ve already internalized some of diet’s broader lessons: I’ll continue to avoid processed sugars*, eat more vegetables, and stop using vegetable oils like canola and corn oil. Maybe I’m just not that attuned to how my body is supposed to feel, because I can’t exactly argue with results. I’ve lost four pounds since New Year’s Day.”


So many stewy chunks of endorsement for high fat and whole foods floating around the NBA these days.  It is a relief. The diet I have adopted is not just about slimming down and looking glam. It is about performance.

I eat for thisthe_snatch_2Not This.

modelHigh level athletes are fuelling and excelling on butter, bone broth, and big meaty salads. So am I.

Wheaties are for weanies. It is good broth makes Good ballers.


O.K. one more quote.

“I feel so much better that I’m never coming back.”

Luis Scola

This Chrismas Give the Gut a Gift


Stumped on holiday gift options?

Why not ferment something. There is still enough time to let some veggie’s get old in your kitchen.


Jar them up, tie a bow, pretty label, and shove these jar of festive gut flora in you favorite friends stocking.Screenshot from 2013-07-11 13:51:11

It is cheap. It is original. It is easier than you think.

Here is what I am giving folks this year.


Spicy Christmas Dill’s (they are red and green get it)

– 1-gallon glass jar or equivalent in quart jars

– Brine: For every 2 cup water, mix in 1 Tbsp sea salt

– Cucumbers (small to medium)

– Spicy red peppers (jalapeño, Thai, whatever as long as they are red)

– A handful of fresh, clean grape leaves, optional

– Tbsp pepper corn

– 4-5 cloves garlic

Instructions: HERE

floraKeeping my family well this season, I wish you all the same.

Farminista’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Coracao (the Raw cacao company i make coco suger candy for) got a fun little blog mention.
Chocolate 4 Life. Chocalate to live for.


Are you stressed about holiday shopping?  No worries!

If you’re searching for a few last-minute gift ideas, then consider some of these wonderful, farm “grown” artisan products. Available in a range of price points to suit every budget, you’re sure to make a great impression with a hand-crafted gift from one of these fine purveyors. They’re perfect for family, friends, teachers, neighbors, hostess gifts, and clients.

Many of these vendors have booths at the year-round Marin Civic Center Farmers’ Market in San Rafael (every Sunday 8:30am-1:00pm), or you can visit their websites to place an order that ships directly to your recipient.

So without further adieu, here’s my Farminista’s Top Gift Picks for the 2013 holidays:


Spice up your holidays with a set of freshly milled spice blends and rubs from the Local Spicery ( in Novato. Choose one of their popular themed gift packs like “Grill Master”…

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Current Ferments: When the Gut is in Doubt… Kraut

I have digestive issues, that is all I will say on the matter. Keeping my gut flora well fed is necessity.

That is no reason for it to be a chore.

There is always something new lacto-fermenting on my counter top. My pickling compulsion is an obsession overly serviced by the cornucopia of veggies available in the bay area.

Here is whats pickling this week.


This big jar is working on some watermelon radish slices with a standard blend of pickling spices. The brine started out clear, but by the turned this amazing bloody red by the end of week one. This is week 3.

I doubled the allspice berries, that is lending to its vampiric hue.ferment_kvassThis is a bottle of Beet Kvass, an age old Russian macrobiotic beverage. Simple ferment really. It is the brine left over from pickling purple beets with allspice berries. I put it back on the counter to see if it would get a touch more sparky and less salty.ferment_rutabagaRutabaga root kraut with salt, dill, caraway and juniper berries. I love a good root kraut, but have never used rutabaga.

Time will tell.ferment_mustardgreenTibetan fermented mustard greens, aka Gundru. No salt. The only thing in this jar is 6 heads of turnip greens.

It has been on my counter for 4 months getting more sinester every day. It is so bitter.

That is what is new in old this week. Happy Friday!

And remember, when dabbling in probiotics…

“The main thing is to have a gutsy approach and use your head.” – Julia Childs


Thai Time Every Tuesday

Having a grand morning. Woke up at 5:30 to the ol’ Sioux alarm clock. Cup of Sleepy time tea before bed will do that.


Got all ambiguous and caught 6 am workout at Grassroots Crossfit. What the heck… I was up.

Push Jerks (5 reps of 2) and some jump rope action. Even hung out to work on some squat cleans.


Nailed it.

The best I have ever manage form wise. These days I am hitting a new record every lift.

Now it’s 8:30. I’m sipping espresso at Actual Café, researching ticket prices to Bangkok and day dreaming about lunch.

I love Thai food.

And planing a trip to South East Asia in the glow of this lovely morning has me feeling a good bit of gratitude for Andy and Cindy’s Farmer’s Market booth.


How fortunate I am to be able to stroll over from my own chocolatey booth at the first pang of hunger and take a seat with the savoury sensation.


Their curries are delicious and their steamed snapper is a triangle of spongy heaven. Still I cannot separate myself for the convenience of moist skewer, bursting forth with curried coconut milk… sigh*vietthaisatay

There is another Thai food restaurant that I hold close to my heart, one that I will divulge in another post. It is truly one of bay area’s best kept secrets.


For now, Andy and Cindy’s satay is my jam.

It is swell to eat well. Keep it ancestral yall.

1200 Calories

This is an amazing argument against the fallacy of caloric restriction.

Just eat food.
Eat hearty, lift heavy, and be marry. The your body’s ideal form will follow. What ever form that may be.