New York Demands Less Energy

The New York attorney general has subpoenaed Monster Beverage Company (Monster =160mg Caf.), PepsiCO (AMP = 160mg Caf.), and Living Essentials (5-HOUR ENERGY 207mg Caf.), for info into their advertising practices. They are accused of misleading consumers as to the actual amounts of caffeine in their respective human propellents. The FDA has deemed it “safe” to consume up to 400mg of Caffeine per day (4 cups coffee). Based on that “2 MONSTERS for 4 BUCKS!! sign outside Alcatraz Liquor is promoting a live toxicity overdose.

ISSUE: These drinks are slathered with the names of exotic extracts, super foods, and elixirs (such as matte, guarana, taurine, and green tea extract) that are essentially caffeine by another name. The FDA currently has no power to mandate the claims tied to the label as energy, due in no small part to the cult of fear that sends floods of lobbyists washing over Washington the moment someone utters food industry and regulation in the same sentence.

SOLUTION:Laws ban putting multiple sources of caffeine in one beverage without disclosing the overall amount, and an FDA with the funding to enforce them

Sadly the timing for this inquire is very power, considering all the flack (and alot of that flack was valid) that the New York mayor Michael Bloomberg received for his ill conceived campaign to restrict the sale of large sodas. This much more valid effort to protect consumers will certainly be hindered by designed comparison curiosity of there creators.

If energy indulger’s liver could talk, those fleshy detoxifiers would not be complaining about the beast of the nanny state… they would probably just moan in agony.

THIS WEEKS RECIPE: A cheaper Energy Alternative With 1/4 the Calories

1 Apple
Cinnamon (Optional)

It might just save someone the trouble of donating a liver. Though you’ll have to suffer though a few days of withdraws before apple will cut it, but cut it up anyway then dip it in nut butter…. OOOOooo or honey.

Paul Ryan. Lean and Mean on America’s Health

The P90 X workout system is experiencing a quite the boon in business since Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. The media seems quite enamoured with Paul Ryan’s peak physique and were quick to inquire into his busy schedule methods. The VP hopeful credited the P90X Muscle Confusion workout system (and a healthy diet that negates fried and fatty foods… but no one is mentioning that part) and google searches for Paul Ryan P90X have since spiked 5000%.

Weather the P90x system is healthy and/or effective is up for debate. Still, Paul Ryan stands as an example of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I fear he unfairly holds people to his standards. His rigorous morning workout regiment provides insight into his views regarding personal responsibility for health and well-being and cutting the fat is a philosophy he mistakenly extends to public health.

I do not think Paul Ryan is interested in issues revolving around public health and childhood obesity. A track record of lack of support for Health initiatives and a wealth of support for cuts Federal Food Programs such as SNAP supports this conclusion.

Like Michele Obama the man seems to welcome the positive example healthy living PR. He has begun a morning workout routine with about 12 other congress men and women and I sincerely an exercise tape is soon to follow (Sweatin’ with the Senate, or Gettin’ Fit with Ryan and Mitt would be my titles of choice ). This persona clashes harshly with his lack of support for the very same programs that promote more physical education in schools or inhibit the marketing on calorically empty junk foods he himself avoids to children. This is further muddled by his apparent support of strong Social Security reform. Does Ryan feel that children can be better accountable for their health and diet than the elderly. If so, does P90x for kids at least come with a kiddie sized chin up bar.

As it stands Paul Ryan’s hypocritical views on health have left me as confused as his muscles after a particularly gruelling core class.
Here is a site that might shed some light.

Speakin’ of Which Here is a Bomb Smoothie to boost your muscles recipe courtesy of Evan Wilder.

The Merry Gorilla:

1 tablespoon Hemp Protein or Hemp Seeds
2 tablespoons Peanut or almond butter
1 banana fresh or frozen
1/2 cup berries fresh or frozen
1/2 cup almond mild or water
1/2 cup ice
2-3 leafs dark greens (kale, chard, spinach, collard…)
Optional – one date or teaspoon maple syrup

Toss it all in a blender, take to the gym, CRUSH IT!

Bay Bikers Go So Nuts for Laural’s Vegan Donuts

Last Friday Oakland held it’s annual bike party, a substantial gathering of cyclists committed to an evening mass meandering.

Laural mustered the motivation to bust out the Sweet Nomings Vegan Donut Mobile. Margret and I lent a little service night help, SOLD OUT AT THE FIRST STOP!!!!

Even got featured in a little article on, which means we gotta do the next bike party.

Summers Favorite Flavors: Orange Cream and Rootbeer Float

‘Are you sure you can microwave a chimichanga that big?’

I thought a posting might be a good tool of exploration into my motivations, as I prepare for my second day working with the Food Service Department of the Oakland Children’s Hospitals, I had thought I had some what of a grasp on the role I would be serving within this department, but I was confused on several fronts.

Points of Clarification:
The “Friendly Cafe,” as it is called is not affiliated with the hospital itself; it is run via contract by a company known as Morrison Management. This company has standing contracts with both Coke and Pepsi. Thus, I am a outside unpaid consultant for Morrison management
Morrison Management’s incentives to improve the nutritional value of the Friendly Café’s fry grill menu is two pronged.
1) The New York Times article encountered after the début of a study conducted by UCLA bestowing the Café with the dubious title of 14th out 14 hospitals assessed for nutritional quality.
2) The signing of a Healthy Hospital Food Commitment with hospital administrators and the city of Oakland, outlining a time-line of lofty nutrition goals to be reached annual up to and including 2015 (some of those goals are listed below).

Harsh Realities:
The motivation is not driven by any sort of genuine concern for the heath and well being of the staff and families visiting the cafe.
Coke and Pepsi have to still make money (hence the reason Diet Soda constitutes a healthy alternative in the ratio’s of healthy to unhealthy drinks outlined in this commitment)
According to daily sales reports the top selling item at the Friendly Café is bacon… followed by french fries.

O’ the Obstacles:
Price: The unhealthy options are priced cheaper than the current healthy options. You can add bacon 50 cents or an apple for a dollar.
Clientèle: This is a hospital… for children, tragic things are happening. In times of crisis people do not flock to the salad bar or reach for a banana. The families coming to this cafe are looking for a bit of solace and comfort from their meal. Currently this urge filled in form of a menu that more closely resembles an AM/PM than a hospital.
Layout: Upon entering the cafe one first passes the vending machines, stuffed with quick empty snacks and diabolical microwavables. After that the fry grill comes into veiw, then the deli, and finally the healthy hotbar. The salad bar is tucked in the back corner only to be seen by those who seek it, and its quite a snore.

Goals: (as per Healthy Hospital Food Commitment)
Offer daily Children’s Wellness Meal for patients that is under 560 calories and less than 10% fat and price equivalent or lower than all other meal options
Offer daily Wellness Meal for patients that is under 700 calories and less than 10% fat and price equivalent or lower than all other meal options.
Increase percentage of fruit and vegitable dollar purchases by 20% annually starting with 2012
Increase the percentage of healthy beverage dollar purchases to reflect 80% of total beverage purchase by July 1st 2015.

A’ight, there’s the rough and dirty picture to orient me a tad. This is the type of situation I was seeking, it reflects the harsh realities of both capitalism, our country, and our human nature. These realities are not going anywhere so one must work within them. Still this hospital has a responsiblity to set a healthy example too the parents of what has become the fattest generation. At the same time it has a responsibility to serve food that will keep the staff of this hospital functioning optimally as they take care of the children it houses. I’ll keep my idealism but the solutions to these problems can’t threaten almighty revenue. No one is getting healthy unless Coke and Pepsi are getting paid.

Good thing diet soda constitutes a healthy beverage.