Wednesday Foodie Five-down Time: Why is this Fowl So Fowl?

Working with the sickness stricken American chicken is quite unhealthy employment. According to this petition, Sherry Medina is suffering from asthma attack and chronic sinus aliments. She a tributes this to here 16 years as a health inspector for Tyson Poultry processing plants and she ain’t alone. Doctors near Tyson plants are inundated with patients reporting similar symptoms, including respiratory infections, eye irritation, and the development of serious life long allergies.

If this is your uniform, why do we eat chicken in a T-shirt

If this is your uniform, why do we eat chicken in a T-shirt

Wednesday Foodie Five-down Time: Why is this Fowl So Fowl?

1) Peracetic acid = Antimicrobial used to disinfect facility and carcasses. Exposure can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Long-term exposure can cause permanent lung damage.

2) Exemption from the USDA’s Humane Methods of Slaughter Act = Passed in 1958 the act states, “livestock must be slaughtered in a humane manner to prevent needless suffering.” It also states, “does not apply to chickens or other birds.”

There was a time when Chicken was not a Hazardous Material

There was a time when Chicken was not a Hazardous Material

Richard Lobb, a spokesman for the Chicken council, had this chicken nugget of wisdom about the “low stress” process, “they are shackled (upside down) and they typically stay there quietly.”

This exemption give processors like Tyson free reign to construct dangerous slaughter practices that lead to higher likely hood of contamination, which intern lead to high need for chemical antimicrobials. Also lest we forget the tortuous in humanity and increased worker injury. current methods.

3) Marathon Paces = 175 per minute has necessitated a lot less quality control and a lot more antibacterial baths (and more cases of worker carpal tunnel for that matter). To give perspective about once a month the sustainably iconic Polyface Farm is able to kill about 400 chickens… a day.

4) Chlorine = Tyson marinate of choice is to bath each chicken in a diluted chlorine dunk pit. Not the flavor most want to savior and the bane of a processing line workers irritant heavy existence.



5) Arsenic = Arsenic is fed to poultry (and sometimes piggies) because it reduces infections and makes flesh that appetizing shade of pink, versus an unappetizing grey I suppose.

This is NOT a plea to stop eating chicken, although that is certainly an effective means of nonsupport. This is a plea to seek and insist on humanely raised and slaughtered chickens. There are reasons humanely farmed chicken has far less cases food borne illness and it is not chlorine bathes. The cost is higher only if you ignore, your health, the health and wellness of factory farm workers, and of course the well-being of America’s favourite bird.

Here is a

Freedom isn't KFC

Freedom isn’t KFC

to some local sustainable chicken neaer you!

Genetically Modified Beverage Labelling, rejected.

The senate shot down the GMO provision to the new 2013 Farm Bill last thursday. Unlike 49 other countries, congress just doesn’t feel like Americans want to know when the food type item altered at the most fundamental level.


If you are an ‘apple a day’ kind of person this campaign could be your politic apple of the day.

Happy Memorial, Grill something will ya!

Friday Food News Round Up: Franken Food Fun

Mixed feed bag today folks. It has been a lively week for fraken food; let start and end with something cool.


1) Chicken Protein for Cone Cream

Poultry protein derived from the left over bits of chicken processing may soon be finding its way into ice cream according to this article. I have heard of lard being a helpful ice cream fat, but that ingredient has a little more old world wholesomeness than the food industries bones and trimming protein enzyme extract. In any case I am sticking with coconut/cashew gelato for now.

2) Hey Ronald!

A nine year old girl strolled into a McDonald’s Conference the other day. Her Plea:

“It would be nice if you stopped trying to trick kids into wanting to eat your food all the time.”

It is not as impressive when you find out her mother is a nutrition blogger affiliated with Corporate Accountability International. Still, I agree.

Great Job, That is almost food

Great Job, That is almost food

The rebuttal by McDonalds cites the fact that Happy Meals all have the green apple option now. It is going to take more than some pre-sliced packaged fruit and caramel dipping sauce to convince me that child focused fast food advertising is ethical.

MAM Flyer Single

3) Occupy Monsanto!

Lets not let 9 year olds do all the work. Join the movement near you against Monsanto this Saturday MAY 25. Help begin to unseat their seedy seed business. I would join but i will be working at a farmers market… so i guess I’m doing a little bit towards the effort regardless.

Here is the local lowdown for my Oakland Peeps

There has to be a better way?!

There has to be a better way?!

4) Vegan Horchada is Paleo, Paleo Horchata is Tasty

A quick vegan version for my favourite taco shop summer quencher. Horchata is a cinnamon loves creamy dream, a smooth edition to warm summer eve’s or iced for memorial day grill feasts. Ole!

I will try to find a dairy/refined sugar free Orange Bang! for next week…O wait here is one now



5 & Wise Wednesday: Food Industry Front Groups and You

With the growing backlash against the unhealthful motives of foodie giants the connections between product advertising, scientific studies, and public relation front groups has become more confusing and grotesque than the Life of Coffee Mate flavors.

Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice... FINALLY

Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice… FINALLY

Here is a 21st century question for ya, What is a food industry front group? It is a group that appears to benefit the public but in actuality is funded by branded food companies attempting to further an agenda. Some times these groups are long standing, other times they arise out of a quick lobbying need for a specific issue, Such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed sweetened beverage cap.

By funnelling money into front groups food industry giants can improve public relations without appearing to have a vested profit driven incentive. Basically, the food industry is not credible and it knows it.

Here are 5 examples everyone should know about:


1) US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

Mission: “We commit to working together, regardless of type, size or philosophy of our
farms and ranches, to continue improving our food supply.”

Further mask issues related to food borne illness, monocropping, antibiotic and pesticide usage and other issues related to Big Agriculture

Some DuPont (pesticide manufacturer), John Deere, Monsanto, Cargill


2) New Yorkers for Beverage Choices

Mission: We believe New York City residents and visitors should have the right to buy beverages in any size they choose.

Reality: Protect the image (an therefore profits) of sugar sweetened beverages by invoking personal freedom and diverting attention from public health.

Funding Affiliates: American Beverage Association (Coke, Pepsi, etc.)


3) Center for Consumer Freedom

Mission: “to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. We believe that the consumer is King. And Queen.”

Reality: Aimed to attack legislation that threatens the profits and image of the food industry by framing issue as consumer rights threats.

Funding Affiliates: Founded by Phillip-Morris it has had numerous past food industry funders, the current funders are not publicly known


4) International Food Information Council Foundation

Mission: “dedicated to effectively communicating science-based information on health, food safety and nutrition for the public good.”

Reality: To alleviate public fears related to food engineering and pesticide usage by offering biased industry funded studies.

Calming consumer nerves with nuggets like this: “Based on strong scientific evidence and consensus among a broad representation of scientific and governmental bodies, there is no known food safety concern related to consuming food produced through biotechnology.”

Funding Affiliates: Kraft, McDonalds, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Monsanto, and DuPont to name a few

Happy Celiac Awareness month!!

Happy Celiac Awareness month!!

5) Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition

Mission: “The mission of the Bell Institute and its staff of doctorate-and master-level scientists and registered dietitians is to influence the development of quality products that nourish lives and contribute to healthy living.”

Reality: Pay off a bunch of nutritionist to make sugary breakfast cereal look like health food.

“cereal is on of the healthiest breakfast choices you can make.” provided it is straight up bran.

Funding Affiliates: Project of General Mills Cereal

Don’t distrust all science, just take amount to find the funders before going on the Mountain Dew and Lucky Charms diet.

Comprehensive analysis of these and more Front Groups can be found here at the Center for Food Safety

Farming Replaced Sharing: A Reason to BBQ

“We know that the first farmers were shorter, they were more prone to disease than the hunter-gatherers. When you add it all up, it was not a bargain” says Sam Bowles.


For the hunter and the gatherer sharing has always been caring. Apparently the urge to own my have over powered the urge to thrive. Pre-agriculture folks began storing gathered wild grains for trade. The pantries and trade conducted they built made nomaticism a little less necessary.

The ol' Kitchen Panty

The ol’ Kitchen Panty

The slippery slope to stationary farming had begun. BBQ with your neighbour to recapture some of that lost comradery… sigh*

Friday Foodie News Ready Round Up


Hey conscious consumer wannabes (I put myself in this category). The new Buycott app will help instantly sort out which food products fought for/against genetically modified food labels. The app allows you to scan products and tells you if it was made by one of the 36 corporations that donated more than $150,000 to oppose the mandatory labeling of GMOs. It will also tell you other little prosocial perks such as if the company has taken a viewpoint on issues of LGBT rights BTW.

Good timing considering that Monsanto just won a lawsuit against 75-year-old Indiana farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman after he attempted to use its patented soy bean seeds for more than one season. Bowman argued that he did not violate the seed giant’s patent because Monsanto’s Reday Round Up pesticide resistant soybeans are “self replicating.” He ended up settling for $87,000.

Apparently Vernon decide to dress as a soybean for the occasion

Apparently Vernon decide to dress as a soybean for the occasion

Environmental Working Group’s General Counsel Thomas Cluderay had this to say:

“It will no doubt pave the way for greater use and development of genetically engineered seed products and use of toxic pesticides, such as Round-up, on our farm fields. This is yet another reason why we need clear labeling of GE foods so hat consumers can make better choices when buying food for themselves and their families.”

Don’t Swear off soy beans just yet because my order from GEM Cultures just came in and I am about to try some soy fermentation and I would like to share them with you. What am I up to? Natto your business.

Natto is soybeans fermented in ancient tradition (with Bacillus subtilis); a true feudal probiotic power house steeped in goey runny tradition. Its mineral content assists wit blood clotting, clear skin, and perhaps cholesterol. I have never had it and it’s alien gutlike appearance has me very curious about its flavor.

Traditionally it is served with a raw egg... might skip that part.

Traditionally it is served with a raw egg… might skip that part.

Here is the recipe I am going to use (I promise to use organic soybeans), I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

Go ahead and swear off corn though. No easy task since it is the key ingredient in every processed food from strawberry jam to Steak ‘Ums (I count cows stuffed on corn a giant four legged ears of maize). Here is a chance to help put the wholesome back in one American classic.



Get behind this petition to take the GMO’s out of Cheerio’s and the new trend of spaming their facebook page with GMO related comments.

If they are going to uses nostalgic ads from when their product was GMO free they should have the integrity to use the same ingredients from the era.

I will end with an ad for junk food that pushes beta-carotene to a new extreme, BABY CARROTs?!

It might be the, Bar… But it is Not Chocolate


Not the Confection of Great Complexion

Not the Confection of Great Complexion

I have a nutrition class final i really should be studying for right now so this Wednesday’s post is a quicky.

Right from the get go. Chocolate beans, a.k.a Cacao, does not cause ache. But don’t nibble any Nestle just yet.
My sister mentioned how she had been “breaking out” all month long and that she needed to dial back her chocolate consumption (sacrilege?… maybe). I asked what type of chocolate she was eating. A daily dose of Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar was her indulgence of choice.

Research being done at New York University’s Food Studies department
has determined that, “there is increasing evidence of a relationship between diet and acne. The link is stronger in high glycemic load diets and dairy products compared to other dietary components”

Let’s look at the ingredients in this bar candy bar.

Screenshot from 2013-05-14 12:13:21

Pretty unintimidating by modern mass produced chocolate standards. Still, sugar and dairy come before chocolate, which is then followed by two other forms of dairy (lactose and skim milk) and some soy. These are the ingredients that *MIGHT be causing my sis’s acne.

Check out the ingredients for a Americas favorite candy bar, Snickers


First we see milk chocolate, which ends up being sugar, three separate dairy ingredients, then chocolate) the nougat is mostly comprised of sugar and hydrogenated soy oil. Don’t stress over though because…

*Stress is the variable MOST linked to spikes ache and poor complexion. Many studies have measured spikes in ache during exam season for students.

If you would like some chocolate but want to avoid some of the skin unfriendly ingredients read the label. Try to indulge in a darker percentage with coming in after chocolate less dairy and sugar. If you got a sweet chocolate tooth eat it with a banana companion. Regardless, please please please don’t stress it.

Monkey's do get acne for a reason

Monkey’s do not get acne for a reason