Cambodian Cold Cure

Found an epically haphazard gym in Cambodia’s capital apptly named King Kong fitness. It has been a while since I encounter barbells; the work out was a grueling one.


That night I was up till 4 am celebrating a birthday with some friends and had the good sense to end the evening with a late night plate of deep fried pork ribs.


Got up at 8 am the next morning and, after three cups of strong coffee, decided a little crossfit exercise would be just fine.


Well, by 6 pm guess was sick with a fever. Yup, my throat felt like I had swollowed an inner tube coated in chilli sauce. 12 hours sleep later I woke up still feeling like crap.

Valuable lesson learned. When I push my body to hard my immune system plummets. Thank the Buddha I am at a friends house and not some cheap and mold ridden backpackers hostel. I can even cook my own food. Just got to hop down the block to the Cambodian super market.

Soup is a cold gold standard. I’ll just head on down to the market and get some super foods


Mint, basil, chicken, banana blossom, and blood tofu. A chicken soup for the Cambodian soul. Everyone herd of the healing power of herbs so I will skip to the two odder ingredients.


A Banana blossom is the giant purple flower at the center of a banana tree. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is a tried and true nourishment. It can even treat excessive menstrual bleeding, which is thankfully not one of my symptoms.


Blood tofu, tofu’s black metal soy free cousin. Basically congealed pig or chicken, texture and flavor wise it is very similar to tofu. When it comes to mineral content though, it leaves soy in the dust. I am pretty much eating pure protein dense iron.


Well that was yesterday’s lunch and today I am on the mend. Good news because at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning I gots a 12 hour bus Bangkok.

On Cambodia’s only road. Oi.

My throat thanks the kind soul who invented these.


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