Vote with Your Taste Buds

Hey all just a quick reminder to be a good ol’ ‘Merican and be hoid.

Exciting stuf on the ballot this year, don’t let your boss keep you from the polls.

Some quick points about Prop 37:
– Just a GMO lable on the nutrition facts, not a big mean stamp on the front packaging
– Companys have two years to comply
– Processed foods will no longer be able to abuse the terms Natural, Naturally Made, and All Natural
– While there are no long term studys to prove GMO foods are harmful, there is also none that prove they are safe (unless you count the health state of our country… huh)

Example of the unintimidating nature of this potential label

Lastly, a tasty little recipe for a stack of Raw Vegan Patriotism. Stay safe at dem polls