Some Sweet Action

For anyone out there we doesn’t want Medicare to bankrupt under the weight of add sweet stuff here is an easy doable effort to support.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has announced that 10 health departments, 20 health and consumer organizations, and 41 health professionals (including my idol, Marion Nestle) have signed a letter in support of its petition asking the FDA to:

1) Initiate a rule-making proceeding to ensure that the content of sucrose and HFCS in beverages is limited to safe levels consistent with authoritative recommendations.

2) Revise the “Sugars” line on Nutrition Facts labels to address “added sugars.”

3) Set targets for lower levels of added sugars in other foods that provide significant amounts.

4) Conduct a public education campaign to encourage consumers to consume less added sugars.

O' Marion, your so dreamy

O’ Marion, your so dreamy

This is not an expression of a nanny state, this is the democratic process gosh darn it. The number of persons taking a vested interest in their health is growing as type 2 diabetes and obesity are finally starting to subside, woohoo. The tools to thrive are rights, as is the ability to make an educated decision to pick our poison.


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