Friday Food Roundup



My 1st effort to do more quick posts about interesting news from the cult-o-food… might become weekly… but don’t hold me to that.

1) Looking to limit your moral and/or dietary fiber? Why not eat some retired circus animals…. while you can.

Illinois legislature is rushing to outlaw the sale of African lion to exotic meat clubs. Aren’t Lions endangered you might ask. True, that is while lion meat is sourced from elderly exotic pets and circus lions.

I am ok with this practice, provided that when lion meat eaters are old and weak they drench themselves in BBQ sauce head down to Ringling Brothers and return the flavor.

2) 20-30 eggs per day!? surprisingly not a big deal if your this guy’s heart.


An 88 year old man was getting 2 dozen a day delivered to his nursing home to feed a compulsive hard boiled habit. The man had an active lifestyle and did not drink or smoke.

The article goes in to more depth, but here are a few of the adaptations his body developed:
– Increased pancreatic bile production (2x a normal person) to process the excess fat
– Large reduction in the body synthesis of self-made cholesterol
– Greatly efficient cholesterol uptake control mechanisms

The result => 13mg cholesterol pasted through feces… whew

An amazing example of the bodies ability to adapt. This type of diet is clearly not recommended unless you’re a mongoose or Paul Newman, but it does lend evidence to the growing body of research pointing to the lack of a solid link between whole foods dietary cholesterol consumption and heart disease.

3) Vitamin D May Lower Diabetes Risk in Obese Children and Adolescents

Type 2 got you down, take a sun bath, or at least take a supplement. A new study shows that cheap and available Vit. D supplements helped improve insulin absorption nearly as much as expensive pharmaceuticals for obese adolescents and teenagers.

4) Green Wash:


If your like most people, anything with a green colored wrapper is viewed as more healthy, at least according to this new study.

The health properties of green are tied more to the chlorophyll than the label frill, no wonder my Mountain Dew Apple Jack green smoothie does more harm than. Here are some green foods that aren’t tricking anyone.

The Shrek Bar

The Shrek Bar

St. P's Tomato Squeaze

St. P’s Tomato Squeaze

Soylent Snowballs

Soylent Snowballs

Pinch me not Bagel

Pinch me not Bagel

I got nothin'

I got nothin’

Enter The Archevore

Welcome to the human diet where the only constant is change. As is true for the span of human existence as it is for each a individual modern life.

My eating influences are meticulously demonstrated by the graph below:


Whole foods veganism did not personally agree with my gut and my caloric needs but I am not gonna pigeon hole my self when it come to what I eat. Still I like most love labels so lets call me paleo-vegitarian. It is quite a tasty oxymoron once you get it dialed in. I include paleo sacrileges such as organic simple soys (tofu, tempeh, soy milk) and unrefined grains (quinoa, brown rice, and oatmeal on cold winter morns). While I am thankfully no celiac sufferer, nixing gluten has seemed an easy way to keep a fine tuned gastrointestinal track.

To put it simple, I just avoid any and all processed foods be them Nestle Drumsticks or Tofuttie Cuties, Pepsi or Tropicana, Oascar Meyer or Tofurky

I have enjoyed delving into the culture of Paleo lately though (The Lastest in Paleo podcast have become quite a guilty pleasure). Like any dietary extreme it seems to have a great core foundation marred by misinformation, guilt, egotism, and denial. A friend linked to a little realism last week.

Enter a better label, the Archevore.

Kurt Harris AKA Mr. Potato Friend

Kurt Harris AKA Mr. Potato Friend

Arche = Essential
Vore = One who eats

Put it all together and you get a diet focused on the personal essentials of wellbeing, not of a that of primordial ancestor or diet blog. The theory and design behind this diet is propagated by Kurt Harris an MD who seems to have wrestle with a strict Paleo diet in the past and found its rigidity frustrating. Ultimately he came to the conclusion that the Paleo diet is a phantom, a wraith, a specter, it does not exist outside the flux of vogue food plans and pseudo science.

He points out as evidence of this:

1)No anthropologists agree on the macro nutrient ranges (fat, protein, carbs) and food choices enough to determine any viable model for some sort of ideal modern eating plan
2)Most foods our paleolithic pals put in their mouths no longer exists. The fruits and veggies of our day bare little resemblance to those in the savannas and subtropics of 10,000 BC and had the slow witted cow and chicken been around to bludgeon and spear we certainly would have been munching more meat than most do today, Paleo dieters or not.
3)There is no ‘one human diet.’ Our ancestors eat… well everything. For some life was a seafood buffet, others tons of fruit, some tons of fat, others carb loaded…. yada yada. I am fairly certain that bugs and beetles where a bigger factor than boar and bone broth. I do not see many Paleo recipes sautéed grubs and kale.

That being said, I really like the Paleo diet, but it has pigeon holed itself by continually nixing foods while adding in no alternatives. Do not be afraid of living a little Paleo folks, it limits factory foods which in turn limits processed wheat, corn, and soy that has crept so insidiously into our food supply for the past 80 years.

Be an Archevore, borrow from Paleo perhaps. Most importantly, unprocess your life a little bit more each trip to the market. New highs of health will almost certainly follow.

Before a prepackage purchase, ask yourself “could I do this better. Regardless of cooking experience the answer is almost always “yes.” Get in that kitchen. Bake a berry pie, butter some local wholegrain bread, broil grassfed beef, and blend organic bananas to your hearts content, and never count a calorie again.

—– Click here to get started.—–

And never let a diet dictate your diet.

If you were wondering,Dr. Harris diet has no grains, a fair deal of meat and white and sweet taters, butter, veggies, and some fruit. All organic/pastoral/grass fed/, those growingly important criteria. That is what works for him. I am still figuring out what works for me.

Rule 1: NO STRESS (I break this rule often, but I am working on it)

Rule 2:

I am not ready to eat intelligent life

I am not ready to eat intelligent life

NYC Soda Cap RIP

So, it looks like the Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr has nixed Mayor Bloomberg’s 16 oz. soda cap that would have gone into effect in New York City today. Big soda’s cheering while NYC’s liver is tearing.

Here is my memorial to this would be 16 oz. cap

16 oz Then

16 oz Then

16 oz Now

16 oz Now

Finally a Samoa for ME


Its been a bit sense I posted a recipe, I hope this one covers the lapse.

There was a time when Samoas were not only my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, but my favorite food. I have never been compulsive eater… but I downed a box of these coconut crusted rings of wonderful bi weekly during cookie season. Then… I went vegan and while I discovered an amazing world of flavors, every February I am confronted of the one partially hydrogenated bit of joy I left behind.



This recipe is adapted from this one on and the Samoa taste is spot on. Chewy gooey top with a crunchy chocolate base these cookies have so much goin’ on its a wonder they confound the taste buds in a catatonic stupor.

I warn, this one is quite an under taking… but fortune flavors the brave so here we go.

– food processor
– Three inch cookie cutter
– rolling pin
– wax paper

Da Cookie:
– 1 cup dried coconut shreds
– 1 cup raw walnuts
– pinch sea salt (This is KEY)
– 2.5 TBS MELTED coconut oil
– 2 TBS maple syrup, coco nectar, or honey

Blend dried coconut in food processor alone for a minute then slowly drop in walnuts until a semi coarse meal is formed. Then blend in melted coconut oil, sea salt, and maple syrup.

Mushy is OK as you can see

Mushy is OK as you can see

Roll dough out in-between 2 layers of wax paper so that it is about 1/4” thick, error on the thicker side to save yourself some crumbly headaches later.


Firm it up in the freezer and use a round cookie cutter to cut your cookies, I then used a pairing knife to cut out the middle holes (Snacks). Reroll excess dough and firm it back up in the freezer to cut some-ora.

Coconut Caramel Layer:
– 8 medjool dates, or 10 – 12 of other date varieties
– 1 TBS water
– 2 TBS MELTED coconut oil
– pinch sea salt
– 1/2 cup dried coconut shreds
– 1 TBS carob or cacao powder

Blend dates with water in a food processor, add in coconut oil and make it pastey. Then add in sea salt and carob powder. and a little more water if needed.


Blend in 1/2 cup dried coconut. Mush coconut caramel onto each freezer firmed cookie then dip in remaining dried coconut.


Chocolate Icing:
– Bars or chips of your favorite chocolate (don’t gotta be raw) melted double boiler style, mine was Coracao of course.

Melt down the chocolate in a metal or ceramic bowl nestled over a steam pot.


Dunk the base of each cookie in the chocolate and place back in the freezer.


Final use a small spatula to drizzle some chocolaty ribbons over each finished ringlet of pure decadence.

Whew* there you have it. No quite as easy as grabbing a box outside a Safeway but so much more satisfying. And you did not even have to donate to a charity… I did buy some thin mints for my sis’s b-day.
Happy unrefined snacking.

Michael Moss, Dishin’ out the Salt on Big Sugar


Here is an example how big companies must opperate.

Nabisco cuts the sugar content of its cookies hoping to garnish a little good PR a this diabetic mess we find our country hits the media fan. Hersheys sees a developing sweet void on the cookie shelf and launches these.


Nabisco sales take a not so milky dunk, stock holders are complaing. Back comes the sugar…


And then some.

I have been reading Michael Moss’s book, Salt, Sugar, Fat. 50 pages in I am can’t get enough of the level of disregard of food giants for health and well being of well… everyone but themselves (and maybe their personal trainers). Moss is not an enemy of sweet and neither am I, hell I work for a vegan chocolate company and love baking treats. He is presenting a reality that we must either accept, ignore, or labor to change. Big food is for big profits and that comes from big waist lines. As long as there is a depilitating lack of reglatory power in the FDA and USDA, and a public willing to over eat triple decker Oreos, there will be an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Nabisco’s concern is with the health of there share holders wallets not their livers. That is bisiness. I am not anti-capitalism but, as Moss brings to light, large scale industry production just does not lend it self well to food, Masdas and Macbooks maybe but not food. Go out buy some good butter and real sugar and bake to your happy hearts content. Folks in the 1920’s and 30’s were getting hypertentions from fresh apple pie or a batch of gingersnaps.

Give it a read. Or for the breif Hip-Hop version watch Dead Prez’s new Music video Food Fight.