Dora I Implore Ya!


10 billion was spent on the marketing of unhealthy foods to children last year, compared to the 11.4 million spent on fruits and veggie adds. Nickolodeon is feeling the strain since Disney channel announced it will no longer market unhealthy foods on its network.

Lets all help keep the strain on ’em. If this is something you are at all passionate about take a moment to send a digital letter , curtsey of the Center for Science in the Public Intrest, petitioning Nick to nix nutrient free nommings.

Hey let’s help Oakland live a little longer

Demands and obligations of the everyday have inhibited my ability to post anything for some time but I am back at it (and with a cool new blog banner to boot).

Here are two projects that have been pleasantly and presently occupying my time:

First, The CHORI Bar Project and the bustling nutrition labs of Dr. Bruce Ames: I have begun an internship develop the CHORI nutritional supplement bar. Normally I am a whole food advocate, a cliff bar lunch just can’t stand its ground against a solid bowl of ginger carrot soup.

Dr.  Bruce Ames... Ancient man with a modern vision

Dr. Bruce Ames… Ancient man with a modern vision

Then again, nearly every Black and Latino child in Oakland is severely deficiency in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty-acid, along with about 1/2 the causation youngsters. Desperate times call for desperate measure bars.

Two theories everyone who eats should be aware of:

1) Triage theory: Evolution favours short term survival over longevity. In times of vitamin deficiency the body has evolved to allocate vitamins and minerals to short term demands at the expense of chronic disease prevention. If I am consistently vitamin deficient (as most Americans are in one way or another) my body will not be working toward long term disease prevention I.E. cancer and heart disease.

2) The Obese are often deprived of vitamins and minerals due to a diet of high calorie low nutrient foods devoid of fiber and loaded with sugar (check out my last post. Growing evidence supports that this promotes greater weight gain. Shortly after a the ingestion of a grand slam breakfast the body demand more food because it needs nutrients. Eaters register this hunger and eat the same crap for lunch… or brunch. See the cycle we got going here.

Why would any one be hungry after dinin' on Denny's  Hobbit burger, b/c while it boasts 1440 calories it manages to provide about 10% of your daily nutrition needs. No wonder hobbit growth is stunted

Why would any one be hungry after dinin’ on Denny’s Hobbit burger, b/c while it boasts 1440 calories it manages to provide about 10% of your daily nutrition needs. No wonder hobbit growth is stunted

The CHORI bar offers a low cost 110 calorie whole food masquerader with over 50% of 40 vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients working in synthesis toward satiation. What if every 3rd grader in Oakland ate this bar in a school sponsored 10 am snack…. sigh, what if?

Second, the West Oakland People’s Community Market Project.


I am VERY excited the life changing potential of the project, the shear scope of improvements that its success would bring about for a community in desperate need is staggering…. STAGGERING! I tell you!

Since the last grocer closed his doors in 1997 West Oakland’s diet options have been limited to liquor stores, bodegas, and a few fast food outfits. The effect; 97% of the community is mineral deficient, and over 40% of children wrestle with obesity. It is a food desert.

    Food Desert

= A district in an urban or rural setting with little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet.

If impossible to find an apple, but it quite easy to find apple pie cooked in a cardboard sleeve, you are likely in a food desert. Same rule applies to apple schnapps, green apple Baccardi, and those sour apple gummi ring things.

The People’s Community Market will offer both a full range of conventional and organic food at lower costs (since it’s not technically a for profit market). On top of that, it will offer a full service deli and hot foods cafĂ©, a space for free entertainment and education events, and slue of fair wage jobs with benefits, O My.

What does this modest community utopia say to West Oakland residents.

– That you are worth it.
– That good healthy food is not a luxury offered to those who over higher socio-economic status.
– That you deserve good food to and that your health is as important as the those residing in all the Bay Area condos standing caddy corner from Wholefood’s Market

I have been helping to organize potential investor info events aimed at funding the market with out the aid of charitable donations. We got a third one comin’ up, I’ ll post about it when I know the details. Please come for some tasty food and a chance to meet vegan soul food virtuoso.Til then, spread the word on the facebook and the twitters Bryant Terry.

UPDATE: New Article on the PCM project just got written for the great fod blog Civil Eats, check it out


The Great American Shoppin’ Cart


A new report by the USDA casts a little more light the root causes of chronic disease in America’s plaque stuffed heartland. We are what we eat… crap.

The report finds that (as the graph below demonstrates) that the largest portions of the American grocery bill are allocated to refined grains, sugar laden snacks, and red meat in that order. Fruits and veggies, well, on or two apparently rolls into the cart every now and again.


It is not all a matter of poor personal preference, it is just as much a matter of access and education. We are spoiled in the Bay Area, but hop on down to West Oakland and try and find a blueberry among a abundant selection of bodegas and liquor delis . You will likely end up with something blue, candy coated, and featuring a cartoon berry surfing a wave of high fructose corn syrup.