Ancestral Air Travel

Off to South East Asia for 6 weeks and I plan on posting some ancestral eats. til then though…

Sitting at a cafe in the San Francisco International Terminal; marveling at my snacking skills.

25 hours to Bangkok. O you know I brought treats.

–  Almonds and raw Brazil nuts
– Raisins. I really like raisins
– Hard boiled eggs
– Avocado. The last one for a while I am sure
– 2 packs farmer’s market jerky
– so much celery
– Liver pate Ha! I will have mercy on my seat mates and eat this preflight
– A small bar of dark chocolate. 81% molded by yours trully at Coracao Confectioners

This paleo life is down right goofy sometimes. Pasture pork liver pate got some odd looks at the security checkpoint.

To be honest. It would not be to tough to keep snacking healthfully at airport these days. Fruit is everywhere, salad with some chicken or fish is not unheard of, and you are never more than ten feet from sushi in Cali these days. But I ain’t about to spend $20 on some factory farming and freezers veggies if I can avoid it.

These are not tips. Paleolithic air travel snacks is an old hat post. Most just suggest fasting but for an epicurean it is more fun to find ways of eating organs in original places.


One Comment on “Ancestral Air Travel”

  1. deborah jewell says:

    e mail me, I missed your 2 calls. Mom

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