High Fat Hoop Dreams

Quote of the day.

“First you get a swimming pool full of bone broth, then you dive in it.”


I know I have been touting bone broth alot lately but it seems to be internet choice for hot beverage of 2014. Hell, even dogs are getting a cup.

I have seen my own gut health improvement correlate with bone broth consumption…. and upped fat consumption in general.


Correlation is not causation but as long as it stays this delicious I just don’t care.

The Lakers Basketball team’s nutrition and strength couch bought a 400 lb grass fed cow last year.


This created a lot of fat fandom as more ballers saw health improvements on a high fat paleo style diet.

Kobe is all about it.

What is on the menu. Veggies and meat. Alot of kale chips and kombucha involved.



Sport writer, Danny Chau, adopted a one week paleo experiment. Coming straight from the standard American Diet He had this to say.

“It’s ridiculous to expect a world of change in seven days…  I’ve already internalized some of diet’s broader lessons: I’ll continue to avoid processed sugars*, eat more vegetables, and stop using vegetable oils like canola and corn oil. Maybe I’m just not that attuned to how my body is supposed to feel, because I can’t exactly argue with results. I’ve lost four pounds since New Year’s Day.”


So many stewy chunks of endorsement for high fat and whole foods floating around the NBA these days.  It is a relief. The diet I have adopted is not just about slimming down and looking glam. It is about performance.

I eat for thisthe_snatch_2Not This.

modelHigh level athletes are fuelling and excelling on butter, bone broth, and big meaty salads. So am I.

Wheaties are for weanies. It is good broth makes Good ballers.


O.K. one more quote.

“I feel so much better that I’m never coming back.”

Luis Scola


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