Chicken Soup For the Lifter’s Soul

“A good broth will resurrect the dead.”

South American proverb

It seems like every other person in the city of Oakland is sick. One thing about a clean diet, I just don’t get sick. I have not been since I kicked gluten and white sugar 2 years ago, no colds, no flus, no sinus troubles.

Push Pressed our tree

Push Pressed our tree

Aww yeah, another flu free holiday season… wait what is this scratch in my throat. O gawd no.

It’s no pneumonia but I am definitely on the verge, the cusp, the precipice of a flu bug, time to boost the immune system with every grandma’s stand by.

chicken_soupChicken Soup.

This is an 8 hour recipe. But fear not, the prep was 5 minutes.

The (not so) secret.

crockpot_adCrock pot.

I felt the tell tale throat tickle and jumped into action. No shopping trip necessary.


  • One large white onion roughly chopped
  • Three large carrots roughly chopped
  • Five sticks celery roughly chopped
  • 8 twists ground pepper
  • Tablespoon garlic powder
  • Teaspoon salt
  • dash of rosemary and thyme
  • One small bird (2.5 lb chicken for me, the whole thing bones and all, just shove her in there as respectfully possible. If the tail end is poking out no worries)
  • H2O or stock (fill to about one inch below top rim)

Whole chicken? Really?

O hell yeah. Collagen baby, gelatin and collagen.

This ain’t no Campbells. You just made bone broth a time tested wellness bomb.

All the nutrition from those bones, joints and skin, I felt it from the first bite. I felt pouring though my whole tired ailing body. If my system was a stadium, my immune cells were out of their seats hysterically  cheering this soup on… wearing foam chicken hats and wavin’ broth banners.

MSF_FreedomRangers_1Go, Go, GO!

Soup Bowl Full Sunday Champions.

Three work filled days, three 10 hour sleep nights, and my throat never even got a chance to push past mild puffiness. My only medicine, three jars of this

chicken_soup_jarGood cause I have been going stir crazy trying to take it easy. Time to hit the gym mats. Better start with the yoga mat.


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