This Chrismas Give the Gut a Gift


Stumped on holiday gift options?

Why not ferment something. There is still enough time to let some veggie’s get old in your kitchen.


Jar them up, tie a bow, pretty label, and shove these jar of festive gut flora in you favorite friends stocking.Screenshot from 2013-07-11 13:51:11

It is cheap. It is original. It is easier than you think.

Here is what I am giving folks this year.


Spicy Christmas Dill’s (they are red and green get it)

– 1-gallon glass jar or equivalent in quart jars

– Brine: For every 2 cup water, mix in 1 Tbsp sea salt

– Cucumbers (small to medium)

– Spicy red peppers (jalapeño, Thai, whatever as long as they are red)

– A handful of fresh, clean grape leaves, optional

– Tbsp pepper corn

– 4-5 cloves garlic

Instructions: HERE

floraKeeping my family well this season, I wish you all the same.


2 Comments on “This Chrismas Give the Gut a Gift”

  1. I think your recipe for brine is right (2 c./1 TBSP sea salt) I love what we can do with fermenting 🙂 So good for us! Thanks!

    • Sean says:

      Yes, that ratio seems to be the magic zone for me when it come to Brine. it real is so much easy to make your own pickles then it seems. Merry Xmas

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