For Digestive Recovery, Merry Marrow Mellow

Recently, a tinkerist/herbalist/chemist/chef/friend has begun to play with gelatin. Her creations are pure alchemy, delicious alchemy.


Gelatin =  A translucent, colorless, flavorless, solid substance, derived from the collagen obtained from various animal by-products (joints, marrow, connective tissue).

As a vegan, low quality gelatin had been the bain of my existence, barring me from the treats of youth.


As a whole foods omnivore not much has changed.

How I do miss a good marshmallow.


Child don’t you dare mock me.

Gelatin has re-entered my life and diet these day. It is sneaking into my stocks, broths, curries, and moles with each beautiful bone-in cut of beast.


Gelatin can improve digestion, naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track. Something I, well, struggle with.

The specific amino acids proteins in gelatin (glycine and proline) are the type needed to build muscle, repair tissue, and lessen inflammation.  Recovery jelly; what I need after an intimate encounter with one of these.

tiresSo Florentina Craft, a sweet tooth can be medicinal huh?

gelatin_cbSo claims your crème made with the marrow of beef shanks.

gelatin_snacksOr these orange oil infused honey kissed jelly squares.

gelatin_marshOr, O yes, these cinnamon marshmallows.


Into the dark coco they go.

S’more to come yall.


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