How to Beet Botulism

The wind is hollowing maddly outside my Oakland home, and the night is ripe for tales of fermented horror.

Interesting thing about the human mouth. It is a bacteria county fair, scratch that, state fair.

How do I know this? A little experiment with my Beet Kvass

ferment_kvassHere it is 3 weeks after bottling, purple and pristine, not a single speck of botulism. I took a sip and put it back on the counter.

kvass_3One day late the light film of mold on the surface that that hunk is pointing to.

kvass_23 days later, that mold is a little more than light now. Lets take a sip out of the big jar and check on it in a week


E gad! look a the difference, the deep and perfect purple uncorrupted by my lips versus the pink bubble mess soiled by my reckless taste testing. Reminds me of my favorite Dr. Suess book.


Solutions?Once a ferment is kissed by lips, make sure to bed it in the refrigerator where mold is so slow to grow.

And was my Kvass ruined? Nah I just scraped the bubbly pink off.


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