Hot Sauce Foraged by Veterans

Hot Sauce. Foraged

Pretty excited about this saucy order.

Had these at Urban Plates a while back. Maca hot sauce. Yes please.

DangHotSauce_bottlesSpirulina, even better.

Wait… it also supports veterans.

“Forager Mike is a Force Recon Marine Combat Veteran with aspirations of serving humanity through both food and social justice for future sustainability.  Mike is a graduate of the Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training (VSAT) program, which has been an instrumental asset in the success for transitioning Veterans from the military to civilian life and the business world.”

“Mike is a Raw food chef, a wild food forager, primitive wilderness survivalist, dedicated father, technological futurist, humanitarian, nutritionist, and an environmental social scientist.  In formulating Dang!!! it’s good Sauce, his goal was to create a Sauce that was extremely beneficial to a person’s health sustainability, and presenting exuberant taste and quality as well, while maintaining the highest beneficial integrity of the food.”

Thanks for setting my micro-nutrients on fire Mike.


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