Current Ferments: When the Gut is in Doubt… Kraut

I have digestive issues, that is all I will say on the matter. Keeping my gut flora well fed is necessity.

That is no reason for it to be a chore.

There is always something new lacto-fermenting on my counter top. My pickling compulsion is an obsession overly serviced by the cornucopia of veggies available in the bay area.

Here is whats pickling this week.


This big jar is working on some watermelon radish slices with a standard blend of pickling spices. The brine started out clear, but by the turned this amazing bloody red by the end of week one. This is week 3.

I doubled the allspice berries, that is lending to its vampiric hue.ferment_kvassThis is a bottle of Beet Kvass, an age old Russian macrobiotic beverage. Simple ferment really. It is the brine left over from pickling purple beets with allspice berries. I put it back on the counter to see if it would get a touch more sparky and less salty.ferment_rutabagaRutabaga root kraut with salt, dill, caraway and juniper berries. I love a good root kraut, but have never used rutabaga.

Time will tell.ferment_mustardgreenTibetan fermented mustard greens, aka Gundru. No salt. The only thing in this jar is 6 heads of turnip greens.

It has been on my counter for 4 months getting more sinester every day. It is so bitter.

That is what is new in old this week. Happy Friday!

And remember, when dabbling in probiotics…

“The main thing is to have a gutsy approach and use your head.” – Julia Childs



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