Eat Well and Visit your Family


It is Halloween time, and my job as a confectioner has me feeling like a kid.


Leafing through some old childhood photos, I remember being a skeleton, the cowboy year escapes me but I wish I still had a holster. Anyway time to visit my parents in Socal.

The drive down was uneventful, tried to search out Mother Natural Food’s in Los Angeles to explore all things organic and edible.


Screw it, I got lost.

Rolled in to San Diego around 5pm and gave the mother a quick hug hello. Had to rush off to my step mom’s 50 birthday partay.

sd_trip_pallelaCatered by some Spaniard’s and their sumptuous paella platter.

This was my first plate-a-paella and it was… ok. The rice was a little bland, the kind you just push around the plate uninspired, and aside from the occasional green bean there were really no veggies to be found. When cooking slow my experience is this.

Veggies give flavor. So.. where the onions and peppers?

Still visually, what a show. A stunning vessel to try an assortment of interesting sea foods. Clam not my jam, but scallops make me gallop.

sd_trip_cheeseEpic cheese spread to, happy to see my bay area farmer’s market companion Cowgirl Creamery made the cut. More than a bite of cheese turns my head to a mucus balloon.

I exercised restraint and compensated by eating copious amounts of figs, olives, walnuts, and dates. Such self control.

sd_trip_beachSpent the next day with my Mother. Where my plans to sneakily make her eat paleo for the whole day were a success.

A morning walk with the pups at Dog Beach. Where they learned to wade awkwardly.

Swung by the farmer’s market, my old office, to grab some dinner supplies. Then snagged a lunch tray at Urban Plates.

sd_trip_UrbanplatesThis local sourcing organic eatery creates low cost plates by operating like a cafeteria. Think Soupantation with incredible quality and a tad more portion control.

My tray boasted some honey roasted carrots, steamed ono fish, and some salty brussel dream boats pan fried with turkey bacon. The carrots were admitably undercooked but the rest of the plate made up for this and then some. I defy you to get a plate of food like this for $10 at a sit down restaurant.

Caught the matinee of Tom Hank’s new flick, Captain Phillps. My mother and I had the same opinion, the movie was good, but long… to long. 2 1/2 hours of Tom Hank’s being beaten by pirates becomes jarring and uncomfortable.

Mom kept the snacks paleo though… dark chocolate coated macadamia nuts.

sd_trip_burgerAfter so much violence, dinner had to be comfort food. Like most Americans, we are is a burger nuts, so I introduced to the lettuce bun. Topped with caramelized onions a fried egg, creamy Socal avocado and a side of yam fries. Full farmer market’s fare.

sd_trip_coffeeMy last day.

I started off the morning with coffee and a green drink at the Lofty Bean. A café with a steam punk atmosphere and more brewing devices than I knew could be fathomed. One African bean was touted as the worlds best.

$8.50 a cup

I stuck to a traditional drip.

Finally, off to my old employer, Peace Pie’s Raw Vegan Cuisine. A laid back spot where raw vegan decadence doesn’t break the bank.


Easily the best job I held in San Diego. As mentioned early I am a nut for all things burger, including this nut based burger.

sd_trip_raw burger

The Raw Burger, the only veggie burger I reach for, temping, but went with the Mango Curry Wrap instead.

sd_trip_wrapCoconut meat wraps are creating quite the buzz in the gluten free community.


Peace Pie was ahead of the curve by a decade. Subbed kale chips for mango…. awesome call. Epic eatery for vegans’ paleos, and all.

Worried about protein. Stop. Pop a few hard boiled eggs on the way over and don’t skip the cashew cheese cake.


Well met and well fed on this journey, time to get back to the bay.


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