Sugar and Alec Baldwin: Here’s The Thing


Author of Fat Chance, Dr. Robert Lustig had a great little interview with Alec Baldwin on WNYC’s Here’s The Thing. They discuss how sugar crept into 80% of the food on super market shelves over the past few decades.


Apparently after Alec Baldwin cut out sugar, bread, and pasta, watched his weight melt off like snowman in a yoga class.

Fascinating stuff.

Here’s The Preview


“There is not one biochemical reaction in your body, not one, that requires dietary fructose, not one that requires sugar.  Dietary sugar is completely irrelevant to life.  People say oh, you need sugar to live.  Garbage.”  Dr. Robert Lustig.

Everything in moderation… except high fructose corn syrup, we should really all just avoid that one flat out.


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