Thai Time Every Tuesday

Having a grand morning. Woke up at 5:30 to the ol’ Sioux alarm clock. Cup of Sleepy time tea before bed will do that.


Got all ambiguous and caught 6 am workout at Grassroots Crossfit. What the heck… I was up.

Push Jerks (5 reps of 2) and some jump rope action. Even hung out to work on some squat cleans.


Nailed it.

The best I have ever manage form wise. These days I am hitting a new record every lift.

Now it’s 8:30. I’m sipping espresso at Actual Café, researching ticket prices to Bangkok and day dreaming about lunch.

I love Thai food.

And planing a trip to South East Asia in the glow of this lovely morning has me feeling a good bit of gratitude for Andy and Cindy’s Farmer’s Market booth.


How fortunate I am to be able to stroll over from my own chocolatey booth at the first pang of hunger and take a seat with the savoury sensation.


Their curries are delicious and their steamed snapper is a triangle of spongy heaven. Still I cannot separate myself for the convenience of moist skewer, bursting forth with curried coconut milk… sigh*vietthaisatay

There is another Thai food restaurant that I hold close to my heart, one that I will divulge in another post. It is truly one of bay area’s best kept secrets.


For now, Andy and Cindy’s satay is my jam.

It is swell to eat well. Keep it ancestral yall.


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