Tempoyak Pie and the Impotance of Failure: Part 2


Two weeks have pasted since some raw vegan mad science went airy. Happy to report that I and no other eaters fell dead after partaking in my fermented durian pie.

In fact, I have been enlivened

This pie was to odd not to share one more slice.

Enter Kevin and Alex, proprietors of Cultured Pickle Shop. My favourite place to do a work trade for my holiday gift list.

Soon to Feature Their Own Bizarre Foods

Soon to Feature Their Own Bizarre Foods

Kevin got slice last week, and a got back to me. “It was one of the most interesting things I have eaten of late.”

Considering this yet another backwards compliment my reply was apologetic.

But he set me at ease.

“I will take gross and interesting over, tasty and familiar any day. I look forward to trying more of your ferments.”

Culture's Eggplant set to Pickling

Cultured’s Eggplant Set to Pickling


I am creating ferments that were intriguing America’s premier picklers.

I declare fermented durian pie a success, one which I have zero urge to replicate. Lets take some lessons and move on to a more accessible success.

Lemon Cashew Cup: Lessons learned from durian pie

  • Cashews absorb more than water during a soak. No pickle juice this time. The cashews for these tarts got a coconut water bath for sweetness.


  • Agar Agar gave these tarts that lovely firmness… with a quick sauté
  • Garnishes seem to please so I dehydrated some lemon peel for toppers

Their completion coincided with my house mates birthday.

cashewcup_bdayOi’ don’t remind me.


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