Blue Monday: Porcupine Ball V2


Sister soldier was having blue Monday or so it sounded from the personal epic of the day’s woes she texted me. Eventually I could only gaze numbly at my phone.


I made plans for us to make dinner before she got started on volume 2.

We went with Porcupine Balls again, but with none of my favourite ingredient.

Fish sauce.

My sister is terrified of fish sauce, much to the fermenters of Red Boat Sauce’s dismay.

fish_sauceQuick stop to Trader Joe’s, where I learned that ghee in a plastic jar feels very unloved.


This time around the umami factor came from tomato paste, not fish sauce.

Two heads of garlic and a cup of fresh basil and these meatballs just rolled from Vietnam to Italy.

Roasted them with some sliced carrots to share in the grass finished fat.


Brown rice for the porcupine spike this time. Cooked it slow and long in chicken stock.


Quick side of grilled eggplant and we plated up, plopped down, and turned on The Big Lebowski.


Meatball Variation verdict: Back to the Drawing Board


  • More tomato paste
  • More basil
  • Chicken stock brown rice is good alone, but was not so pleasant in the ball. Long grain white rice is better for spiky texture.

Sister was a happy eater though, meatballs melt Monday woe’s well.

Mission accomplished.


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