Whats Brown and Sweet and Cheaper than Water?

I was inspired by this brief post by Marion Nestle  on her blog, Food Politics. It concerns one of the only countries with an obesity higher rate than the United States. In Mexico, soda is cheaper than bottled water.


I am not sure about the water quality in Mexico, but in most developing countries bottled water is one of few convenient, clean, and reliable source. I spent a year travelling and working in South East Asia, the tap was well…. questionable.

I have compiled a list of countries where Coca-Cola is specifically cheaper than bottled water

Rural China


Burma (Coke’s most recent National consumer)A Coca Cola advertisement in a tea shop in Yangon, Myanmar.Saudi Arabia

coke_arbiaThailand coke_thailand


Vietnamcoke_veitnamTanzania  coke_tanzania

Many more I am sure but these were the ones I could confirm. I was inclined to throw Cambodia up but could not be sure.

coke_cambodiaI do know this from first hand experience. Fresh coconuts are cheaper than bottled water… be still my heart.

coke_planeCoca-Cola, dropping hydration bombs where ever the thirsty struggle. Wait, isn’t caffeine a diuretic, O that can not be good


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