Hey Sean, Lets make Grandpa’s Chicken


I love the lovely pang of flavorsalgia.


Flavorstalgia = sentimentality for foods of the past, typically a taste with happy personal associations

Well, I created some flavorstalgia with my sister the other night. It came in the form of our late and great Grandpa’s BBQ teriyaki chicken.


Sister soldier recently moved up to the bay area. It has been fun to have a friend to whom a mission to San Francisco in search of the perfect taco sounds like an adequate way to waste a Thursday.

street_foodCurrent winner = Tacolicious, by the way

tacoWhile her transition from ‘living at home’ to ‘on your own’ has been impressively mature and painless, her kitchen cabinets make me cringe.

It is not her fault that Trader Joes dips plastic tubs of everything in chocolate…. or that it makes cookies into butter for that matter.


When she suggested we make dinner, I was all like, “Yeah!”

When she suggested Grandpa’s teriayaki chicken, I was all like, “Yeah?”

What was in that marrinate? Grandma did not know, neither did the madre.

Certainly brown sugar and ample soy, the low sodium kind probably. Well I made my own with ingredients I feel do a pastured chicken more justice.

sauceNo thanks Joe. I’ll google an at home blend.

Teriyaki Marinate/Sauce Ingredients:

  • ½ cup Maple syrup or Honey
  • ½ cup Tamari (soy if the gluten don’t bother ya or get fancy with coco aminos)*
  • ¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 clove Garlic, minced
  • ½ tsp Ground Ginger powder
  • ¼ tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper

*I was really temped to throw in some fish sauce, but the sis hates the stuff, still Red Boat the Recipe, I beg you

Chicken Teriyaki_004

The consensus among myself, my sister, and her partner was this. Awesome sauce, totally boss.The sis decreed, “Grandpa’s chicken for sure.”

The sauce is so simple and so flexible, the recipe is vegan (just grill some tempeh…. or oOoo eggplant) and refined sugar free, and with the sub of tamari or coco aminos, can be gluten and soy free. Teriyaki for the nutritional masses.

It helped that it was served with of my sister’s other foodie favs.


Roasted tiny taters.


and simple steamed veggies.

Much was eaten and leftovers were fridged for my sister later snacking needs.

We have decided to make it a weekly thing, I think we are gonna tackle Grandma’s porcupine balls next.

HPIM1691.JPG“Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.”

– O Julia



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