Eggsplorations: The Hard and The Boiled

As a child no food seemed less satisfying than a runny boiled egg.

TIme heals all wounds.

young_seanHard boiled eggs are an elegant combination of, convenience, nutrition, and with a little research delectability.

Like many, I have been boiling  irresponsibly; tossing eggs into a pots willy nilly and returning 15 minutes later to disgruntling peel rubbery whites enrobing chalky yolks.

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bao 2

High time I settled on a boiling time…. and method for that matter.

Today, a simple eggsperiment, along with tips that actually do grease the shelling wheels.



  • Get out your eggs and a Sharpie Marker, label each according to the time frame you would like to test, they will cook more consistently if they are at room temp before their dunk so do this first.
  • Set water to boiling
  • Add a couple of shakes (1/2 teaspoon) of baking soda regardless of number of eggs*

*this really does help with ease of being later on. With Organic or pastured eggs all that freshness lowers the pH level of the white, causing it to adhere to the shell membrane. Baking soda raises that pH allowing for easier peeling with less length boiling times. Salt is also used but in  it did not seem to help me as much.


  • When the water is about to reach boiling (the French Chef calls this a smiling pot) drop in your eggies
  • Get exact,  SET A TIMER! Let the alerts correspond to you labelled egg times.
  • As each egg reaches its desired pull period use a spoon to fish it out, set it in a bowl of cold water, set that bowl in the freezer. Repeat For each egg.
  • 20 minutes or so later get em out peel em up and choose the yolk for you.


I like a little run so I dialled in 7 minutes as my prime time. 6 minutes had the same runniness but was a pain to peel. 8 minutes was good to, but any longer and the runny runs away.

Thus, 9 minutes is a good start point for those chasing a firm yolk.

Sprinkle them with salt and each them straight up. Or side by side with some apple-kraut slaw (to each his own.


“I think one of the terrible things today is that people have this deathly fear eggs.”

– Julia Childs



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