Blogging About Coke = 4 Calories

This morning I read this, which led me to this. An ad recently deemed to misleading to be aired in the United Kingdom.

I can not let this one slide by without comment.

5 min yelling = 13 calories → 56 min yelling = 1 Coke

Unless I am yelling at the Coca-Cola Company executive board I do not think I could keep that one up.

Humans are complex structures. Energy in, energy out is a dangerous simplification.

This ad frames Coke to ways

Coke Becomes either:

  1. A tool for energy. A gross misrepresentation considering liquids calories do not register as food. You can’t make a meal out of a big gulp.
  2. A vice to immediately labor to expel… so why drink it.

Health Halos, I will make the point many have made before.

tobacco-1939Health Halo’s they have been used before.



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