Animal Rights Activism, Two Ways


Last week an animal rights group vandalized  Marin Sun Farm’s butcher shop and their processing facility.  Slashed tires, sabotaged locks, smashed glass, standard senior prank tactics.

The Activists Goal: “We took action on behalf of the thousands of pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats killed for profit by Marin Sun Farms. Hiding behind the language of sustainability can never hide the violence and terror of the blade and captive bolt gun… we act to make their work just that much more difficult.”


I spoke to them at the farmer’s market. It was a difficult and costly day. They feel the attacke was miss directed.

Marin Sun Farms Goal: “To participate in creating a more sustainable food model and inspire an agrarian culture that conserves our landscapes, supports the health of its inhabitants and restores the vitality of a region that has thrived for hundreds of years.”


Still yes, Marin Sun Farmer kills pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats for profit, be it a small one


Tyson Brand kills chickens for profit. Hundreds of thousands, and in the name of a God that apparently despises flightless foul.

Tyson’s Goal: “We strive to honor God and be respectful of each other, our customers, and other stakeholders.”



California’s Harris Ranch kills cows under an illusion of sustainability.

Harris Ranch’s Goal: “To take exceptional care to ensure the well-being of our cattle. Livestock welfare practices include installation of shade, as well as an automated sprinkler system that reduces dust and helps cool cattle during warm summer months. These measures help reduce stress and enhance cattle performance.”

I believe “cattle performance” is enhanced by grazing grass and that it is impossible to honor any understanding God while mistreating his creations.


People will always eat meat.

I am grateful when they choose to get it from farms like Marin Sun.

As a result of the vandalism less pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats were killed, cut, and converted to energy. Many local bay area butcheries did not sell them and many restaurants did not serve them.

Many Bay area eaters purchased simply purchased other pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats from less sustainable sources. Animals to whom “the violence and terror of the blade and captive bolt gun” was much more vivid and pronounced and the road leading to that end far more was a psychological and ecological stress of the highest degree.

tyson-truckNotice the mud flaps.

Tyson oversee a patrolled fortress of poultry processing. Harris Ranch rules over square miles of muddy feed lots.


Comparatively, Marin Sun is an easy target. It is easy because it is trying to prove that sustainable small scale farming is possible. Security and investigation is not within their budget.


I eat meat.

Pigs, cows, lambs, chickens, and goats that lived the lives intended for their species.

I am also an animal rights activist, I buy my meat from Marin Sun Farms in support of the humane treatment of animals. A lonely island of sustainability.


The crestfallen creatures detained at Tyson Food , or Harris Ranch do live lives of terror and experience violent ends.

One day I hope to work up the courage to slash some Tyson tires. In the meantime I hope other activists work up the courage to recognized the accurate source of America farming woes.

Thanks for entertaining this little tirade. I’m going to Marin Sun butcher shop now, the sell bacon ends at 1/2 price.


While an underdone chicken is not fit to eat, it is a shame to overcook chicken. – See more at:

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