Part One: Mountains, and a Late Dinner with Grandma


My grandmother was up at her Tahoe home last week. Last time she was there we spread my grandfathers ashes.

Life has been a full basket lately, and i love it. Still, I felt like getting mountainous. Living ancestrally is more than just food right?


I went Tahoe to summit some heights, see Grandma, and get sufficient Vitamin D for a change.


Solo Tahoe hikes always end up as experiences of deep (and some what dark) introspection.


Mt. Tallac was no exception.

What came to mind (of course) was food. Food, friends, and family.

Since going omnivore several months ago I have taken several steps to ensure the flora and fauna I convert into energy is treated with a high degree of respect.


This has included:

  1. starting an garden
  2. (almost) always buying ethically raised and slaughtered animals
  3. becoming an ardent and obsessive fermenter
  4. sharing food with friends
  5. eating with a sense of deep and genuine gratitude

That last part, the gratitude part, I have been sliding in that one a bit.

The hustle bustle of work, life, and a mind case of orthorexia have gotten in the way of the calm  mindfulness and social interaction that should accompany a good meal. I miss cooking and eating with vegan friends, the same way as vegan  I missed roasting chicken and rolling porcupine balls with my Grandparents.

HPIM1691.JPGFood feels burns for inclusion.


Eating dry halibut with my grandma at The Lakeside Inn casino. A ritual sapped of its old charm since its ultra modern remodel.


That charm was linked to memories of meals with a younger bigger family full of vitality. I hoped I could give her a meal that was a little better. After all…

I do not want to cook, I want to create plates of nourishing delicious for all eaters.

I do not want to eat, I want to expand my gustatory consciousness with the my favorite faces.

I do not want to whip up some chicken with grandma, I want to slow roast a Pastured rooster stuffed with Berkeley’s farmers market bounty for an old women who laboured to give me the world.



Slow Roasted Riverdog with an Almond Apple Stuffing

Its what’s for dinner Grandma.

Recipe in part two, but first time to sample the local gut flora.



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