Lies My Marketplace Told Me

My flat mate left for Minneapolis last month. I finally got around to getting rid of some of the stuff left in the freezer. I was washing out an old tub of vibrant green pistachio ice cream. It was a good tub fated for holding a pound of bee pollen.

I poured the contents into the sink and glanced at the ingredients.


The usual ugliness was present in force. Corn syrup,  cheap gum emulsifiers, skim milk with artificial more shelf stable fat added back.

I think, “Whoa. A real bastardization of Old Fashioned ice cream with its cream, sugar, and vanilla.”

I read the front of the container.

ice_creamSo it is old fashioned after all huh? Well, Berkeley Bowl Marketplace you just lost some major street cred with me.

Finding time to shop is hard enough for most of our over worked country. It frustrates me to think of the folks who were mislead by this comfortingly simple label that exudes in house artisanal production.


I went away for the weekend, here is the ice cream in my sink…. two days later when I got home. Apparently, melting is to hip for what ever is binding the artificially old fashion green cream.

For those who rightfully like the quick convenience of store bought cream. Here is a quick and cheap recipe for ice cream with one ingredient,. You would need a food processor or blender.


I would add a pinch of salt, touch of vanilla, and some almonds… maybe some nutmeg.

Foodishness is Foolishness.


2 Comments on “Lies My Marketplace Told Me”

  1. ugh, so misleading!! Great post, Sean. I am so all about homemade ice-cream these days. Needless to say I’m using a lot of cream and duck eggs. This banana recipe is a nice, lighter alternative too 😉 Good for your Summer but man it’s freezing right now in Aus! I slept with gloves last night. Anyway, hope you’re well. x

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