More Than Chocolate

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
– Willy Wonka


I work for Matthew and Daniel, they are candy men, they built Coracao Confections.


It is a chocolate company based out of Emeryville, California.

It is Raw and Vegan.


It is hard for a small business to grow without taking a risk. After putting a lot of money into an old building, an Oakland chocolate landmark, the renters backed out; the deal fall through.


Coracao is in some small business trouble.

Raw Vegan Chocolate is everyone’s chocolate. Here is why.


The Ingredients: A simple assortment of 5 of the world’s finest flavors
– Raw Cacao
– Raw Cacao Butter
– Raw Coconut sugar
– Wild Vanilla Bean
– Himalayan Sea Salt

The Enjoyers: Regardless of diet (vegan or paleo), allergy (lactose, gluten, or soy), ingredient concerns (refined sugar and GMOs), or health concerns (diabetic or celiac) one can still enjoy a bar of Coracao.


Coracao is an asset to a lot of people, and could still be for many more.

3 days a week it is my pleasure to provide this chocolate at Farmers Markets. I value and respect all market visitor and love what our chocolate brings them.

2 days a week it is my pleasure to help create this chocolate, with care, precision, and a group of wonderful people.


So what am I getting at here?


If you like chocolate then you already have good taste, why not taste some of the best.

Enjoy the benefits of quality Cacao, and prove that the benefits of quality still means something in a food system that values profits and processing over care and health consideration.


Buy a bar, send a gift, tell a friend, or just come to the Farmers Market grab a square of 81% on the house. Shoot me a smile if you like what your taste buds are telling you.


In every case I am flattered.

Screenshot from 2013-07-22 20:18:51

Chocolate 4 Life


One Comment on “More Than Chocolate”

  1. tati says:

    this is really really COOL!

    yes! chocolate 4 life !!!

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