I would like to take a post to appreciate the shop that spices my shelf.

The Oakland Spice Shop

The Oakland Spice Shop

As I have begun to grow as a chef and confectioner I am experiencing time and again the integral role of the right spice at the right moment plays. As with most thing related to cooking

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Simple is best.

The Oakland Spice Shop is full of singular wonders to take a meal from (forgive me) satiation to sensation.

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In the great tradition of animated French rats, one such flavor sensation recently came in the form of a Spanish Smoked Paprika that took a ratatouille over the moon.

Oakland Spice Shop stocks the essential. Particularly…

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Few things are more important, as most food processors know to well unfortunately.

The singular addition of their applewood smoked salt combined with the substitution of coconut sugar took Coracao’s hazelnut toffee bark and thrust it to the realm between heaven and earth, aka Heath.


Rubbing a cut of pastured pork with a Cyprus mushroom infused salt marooned the lost loin in a wilderness of delicious, a twist of lemon found it and brought it home.

I am being melodramatic, but cooking melodrama by nature. Hell it has enough reality shows to prove that… Chopped anyone?

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Here is the Details for those able to make the visit:
Oaktown Spice Shop
530 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 201-5400

Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-7pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm
Closed Mondays


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