Clean Eating Crossfit Competitor? Lessons from a First Timer


So last Sunday I participated in the Rookie (your kidding) Rumble 2 crossfit competition, reppin’ Grassroots Crossfit. Three WODs worth of weight I could move with a bulldozer 3 months ago

I am the skinny guy with the blue shorts in the upper right

WOD #1 “Firecracker”
21-15-9 of:
Squat Cleans 75/55lbs
Kettlebell Swings 53/35lbs (if you drop it, it is a 5 burpee penalty)
Paralette Lateral jumps 16/12inch
8 minute CAP

WOD #2 “Independence”
75m Run
75m Farmers Carry 25/45lbs
Load your bar with the plates from the farmers carry
50 Deadlifts 135/95lbs
30 Hand Release Plyo Push ups
Unload your bar
Farmers Carry 75m
Sprint back 75m
10 minute CAP

WOD #3 “Stars & Stripes”
3 minutes- Hang dumbbell snatch 50/35lbs
2 minutes- Sit to stands (cannot use hands)
1 minute- Kettlebell Sotts Press 25/15lbs


Monday well, Ow (Actually aside from a slightly sore back I feel alright)

Having no experience with comp day eating I was stressing food/fuel for this event. I brought what I assumed a boat load and guess what, I ate it all save a few dates. Normally I short my self so when packing food and it was a close call

Here is a brake down of my menu and some reasons why it worked out.

1) Cashew Butter = Quick creamy fat, dense on energy but not on my gut

2) Zahidi Dates = Tasty carbohydrate candy to be popped in the mouth in moments of glycogen doubt. I choose zahidi dates because they are smaller, less gooey, and more snackable.


3) The Meal = Two turkey breast wrapped fritata muffins loosely based on this Nom Nom Paleo Recipe, home fermented kraut, and roasted sweet tater fries… again glycogen. Ate the whole of it after WOD 1, felt very nourished.

4) Giant Green Drink = I was terrified of this green behemoth. 6 Tb Warrior Food (ROAR!), 6 Tb almond butter, 6 dates, 1 Tb of raisins, cacao nibs (for some crunch), cayenne, spirulina/chorella, cinnamon, a thumb of ginger, and some kale n’ collard leaves. A 3x version of my post workout drink, One third drunk before WOD 1 and the rest downed after WOD 2. Result, felt pretty great and had good go power for the final heat. Ridiculous days call for ridiculous green drinks I suppose. No complaints, it tasted like an almond butter milkshake.

The handsome man across from me at the Berkeley Saturday Farmers Market

The handsome man across from me at the Berkeley Saturday Farmers Market

5) Jerky = Provide by The Fifth Quarter Charcutrie, Grass-fed dried beef. most of this was a victory snack for the drive home.

What Did I Learn.

1) Heavy weight? break it in to sets and stick to ’em. Helped me with for pace, peace, and posture

2) I am a foodie. I liked having at least on meal to enjoy, rather than a bag of snack (a.k.a ingredients)

3) Sugars really are key to returning to human homoeostasis after ample exertion, but no need to down donuts, couple of dates I was back on my feet.

4) I drank so much water

5) Bring MORE food then you think you could eat, better to go home with a surplus than have to turn to free samples of Muscle Milk or others foolish foodish substances.

Taking these lessons to the next one for sure, along with a few deadlift shin scars.

Later days

Good luck out there, Time for an epic dinner.


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