Friday Food News Feast

Fast news on slow foods. GO!

1) Battle 16 Continues

Marion Nestle was present while the New York City Department of Health (DOH) tried on last time to save the 16 oz. New York soda cap initiative. The out look is grim.

As one judge stated, ““Do you need a PhD in public health to know that sugary drinks aren’t good for you?”

Well, you don’t need a High School Diploma not to know that smoking a cigarette after downing a Big Gulp is a bad idea too. It is almost like this stuff is addictive or something. Hey! maybe we should create a Marlboro Big Puff.


Just don’t flick them off your New York pent house balcony.

The American Beverage Association says there is no president for this type of legislation, well DOH offers this list.

My favorite example

My favorite example

2) Females Farm more Frequently

Women operated farms have darn near tripled over the past three decades, from 5% in 1978 to 14% by 2007… and they are mostly the tiny type. Farmer’s markets are helping to bring back the small farm tradition and many working women are slinging berries and beets on the side.

Kashiwase, where My chocolate employer Coracao gets their almonds

Kashiwase, Coracao’s hearts get their almonds

While we are on the topic of Clean eating women….

3) Primal is Unisex

The Paleo diet has a lot of redeemable qualities, but its media prescribed masculine persona was not one of them. Straight up inaccurate as the above article demo’s.

“There’s a core group of Paleo women who are blogging, landing lucrative cookbook deals, and amassing tens of thousands of Twitter followers.” Writes Grubstreet.

The Paleo Diet catches ALOT of flack from academia who confuse it with an irrational effort of city dwellers to eat like the missing link.


Scientific American associate editor Ferris Jabr writes. “It’s not clear. Just how far back were our ancestors eating grains and dairy? What we can say for certain is that in the Paleolithic, the human diet varied immensely by geography, season and opportunity.”

Here is how this diet is can be helpful:
– It shies away from processed foods, a stresses low sugar
– Raises awareness about factory farming
– Brings folks to the farmers market
– Discourages calorie counting, over exercise, and constant weighing (The Biggest Loser Model)

This should be illegal, lets analzye its science for a change.

And it ain’t all about meat. A good friend of mine is half way through her vegetarian paleo Whole 30. She seems to be eating like more of a queen then a cave girl. I look forward to her return to dark chocolate though.

A Meatless Meso Meal

A Meatless Meso Meal… is that pumpkin pie?!

I’m gonna try to get that paleo pie recipe, post it next week.


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