Wednesday Five: Foods to Be Less Feared


Here are some founds that give some some anxiety, paired with some evidence to render fears unfounded.

1) Coffee

Coffee, Best Served Steam Punk

Coffee, Best Served Steam Punk

Another study ties moderate coffee consumption to longevity and heart. Read up or just take my word for it and diminish caffeinated guilt

2) Salt

The merits of salt consumption lay on a bell curve. For years we have been told that to much is hard on the heart, very true. But no one seems to mention to little, which can be just as detrimental. Unless one is are consuming a good deal of processed foods, no need to stress salt. Medium consumptionn is healthiest and most fall right in range

AKA: Light in flavor saddly

AKA: Light in flavor saddly

So don’t go taking the shaker off the table before taking the the soup cans out of the cupboard. Read labels on soup and packaged snacks, even organic brands pack in the sodium. Better yet, cook with whole unprocessed foods and salt liberally.

3) Potatoes

Taters are a lot like chocolate. Its not the cacao that is unhealthy, it is all the shmarmy swag that cheap chocolate makers throw in with it. A baked potato is an awesome dinner option, straight up balls of minerals (doubly true for sweet potatoes). Just don’t deep fried them in vegetable oil or drowned them in cheap sour cream and factory farmed bacon bits…. chives are fine I guess.

Screenshot from 2013-06-12 20:44:50

In the words of Sam Wise Gamgi, “Boil ’em mash ’em, Stick ’em in a stew.”

4) Saturated Fats: Cocoghee for You and Me

Every whole food is super in some respect, coconut fats included. Many saturated fats are not the monster the 1980 medical science community made it out to be. Coconut meat is high in healthy saturated fat, and is great for removing annoying sticker gunk. has a low glycemic index for it’s subtle sweetness. Butter, milk, meat, water, or oil, go to town on this on the mighty coco.

Note: Opt for unrefined coco oil

Now that saturated fat has become a lesser beast, maybe its time to dabble in some ancient Ayurvedic lactose free dairy. Ghee is butterfat, rendered down and stricken of all lactose and dairy proteins. It is rich in fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and its pure fat and as such the perfect vessel for absorption.

Liquid Gold Baby

Liquid Gold Baby

5) Kombucha

Saffron Bucha SCOOBY

Saffron Bucha SCOBY

Most agree that kombucha is quite a refreshing probiotic option, brands seem to be proliferating as fast as SCOBY’s (Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast(. Still many are intimidated to try their own home brew. Fear Not! It is easy tasty fun.


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