Do Calories Matter: More or Less

This small study demonstrated a fairly logical point. When the health perception of a food (In this case coleslaw) is high people tend to pile on a bigger portion. This is true even when the labelled caloric value is the same as the unhealthy version. I have an irrational fear of mayonnaise, exactly zero of each would be my desired amount.

What made the coleslaw more healthy though? The study does not say. So I wonder if the same amount of Calories of a wholesome coleslaw with home made mayo is the same and the industrial sized Costco Brand mixed with miracle whip.

Dam, that's a good deal

Dam, that’s a good deal

These diet case studied my shead some light on the question of “With whole foods do calories matter?”

5000 calories a day follow up with Sam Feltham. 21 days of 5000 calories of a low-carb whole foods diet. According to the amount of pure caloric surplus Sam should have gained 16.5 pounds. In actuality gained a little over 3 pounds. This was not belly fat, his waist shrunk by about 1 inch. I Doubt Sam will miss his 1000 calorie microwave pecan porridge snack.


Morgan Spulock gained 25 pounds on his 30 day McDonalds diet, one that included a gallon of soda per day


What does this mean, not much considering both are anecdotal self experiment by on young male. It IS a great jumping off point for a controlled study with a large group (if such a study is even ethical). I think the results would blow some holes in Coca-Cola’s ‘Calorie is a Calorie’ misinformation campaign.

I tell ya what though, I am going to make a healthy coleslaw cause it is time I Faced my fear of mayo.

Recipe Soon, C ya


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