A Frosted Mini Win

Kellogg’s just lost 4 million big ones in a class action lawsuit, due to claims it made about children’s, well… class action.

As the commercial above demonstrates Kellogg’s claimed that starting the day with a bowl of candy coated wheat bricks would, “improved attentiveness by nearly 20 percent.” What they meant was that children who ate any breakfast at all were more attentive than children coming to school on an empty stomach. A bit different than claiming Mini-Wheats are a cheaper and sweeter Ritalin. Angry parents felt a tad misled

I hope Little Chocolate Mini-Wheats works

Maybe Little Bites Chocolate Mini-Wheats will do the job

Want $15, well if you bought a box of Mini-wheat between 2008 and 2009 Kellogg’s will reimburse you. No proof of purchase nessary, your on the honor system.


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