Wednesday Foodie Five-down Time: Why is this Fowl So Fowl?

Working with the sickness stricken American chicken is quite unhealthy employment. According to this petition, Sherry Medina is suffering from asthma attack and chronic sinus aliments. She a tributes this to here 16 years as a health inspector for Tyson Poultry processing plants and she ain’t alone. Doctors near Tyson plants are inundated with patients reporting similar symptoms, including respiratory infections, eye irritation, and the development of serious life long allergies.

If this is your uniform, why do we eat chicken in a T-shirt

If this is your uniform, why do we eat chicken in a T-shirt

Wednesday Foodie Five-down Time: Why is this Fowl So Fowl?

1) Peracetic acid = Antimicrobial used to disinfect facility and carcasses. Exposure can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Long-term exposure can cause permanent lung damage.

2) Exemption from the USDA’s Humane Methods of Slaughter Act = Passed in 1958 the act states, “livestock must be slaughtered in a humane manner to prevent needless suffering.” It also states, “does not apply to chickens or other birds.”

There was a time when Chicken was not a Hazardous Material

There was a time when Chicken was not a Hazardous Material

Richard Lobb, a spokesman for the Chicken council, had this chicken nugget of wisdom about the “low stress” process, “they are shackled (upside down) and they typically stay there quietly.”

This exemption give processors like Tyson free reign to construct dangerous slaughter practices that lead to higher likely hood of contamination, which intern lead to high need for chemical antimicrobials. Also lest we forget the tortuous in humanity and increased worker injury. current methods.

3) Marathon Paces = 175 per minute has necessitated a lot less quality control and a lot more antibacterial baths (and more cases of worker carpal tunnel for that matter). To give perspective about once a month the sustainably iconic Polyface Farm is able to kill about 400 chickens… a day.

4) Chlorine = Tyson marinate of choice is to bath each chicken in a diluted chlorine dunk pit. Not the flavor most want to savior and the bane of a processing line workers irritant heavy existence.



5) Arsenic = Arsenic is fed to poultry (and sometimes piggies) because it reduces infections and makes flesh that appetizing shade of pink, versus an unappetizing grey I suppose.

This is NOT a plea to stop eating chicken, although that is certainly an effective means of nonsupport. This is a plea to seek and insist on humanely raised and slaughtered chickens. There are reasons humanely farmed chicken has far less cases food borne illness and it is not chlorine bathes. The cost is higher only if you ignore, your health, the health and wellness of factory farm workers, and of course the well-being of America’s favourite bird.

Here is a

Freedom isn't KFC

Freedom isn’t KFC

to some local sustainable chicken neaer you!


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