Friday Foodie News Ready Round Up


Hey conscious consumer wannabes (I put myself in this category). The new Buycott app will help instantly sort out which food products fought for/against genetically modified food labels. The app allows you to scan products and tells you if it was made by one of the 36 corporations that donated more than $150,000 to oppose the mandatory labeling of GMOs. It will also tell you other little prosocial perks such as if the company has taken a viewpoint on issues of LGBT rights BTW.

Good timing considering that Monsanto just won a lawsuit against 75-year-old Indiana farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman after he attempted to use its patented soy bean seeds for more than one season. Bowman argued that he did not violate the seed giant’s patent because Monsanto’s Reday Round Up pesticide resistant soybeans are “self replicating.” He ended up settling for $87,000.

Apparently Vernon decide to dress as a soybean for the occasion

Apparently Vernon decide to dress as a soybean for the occasion

Environmental Working Group’s General Counsel Thomas Cluderay had this to say:

“It will no doubt pave the way for greater use and development of genetically engineered seed products and use of toxic pesticides, such as Round-up, on our farm fields. This is yet another reason why we need clear labeling of GE foods so hat consumers can make better choices when buying food for themselves and their families.”

Don’t Swear off soy beans just yet because my order from GEM Cultures just came in and I am about to try some soy fermentation and I would like to share them with you. What am I up to? Natto your business.

Natto is soybeans fermented in ancient tradition (with Bacillus subtilis); a true feudal probiotic power house steeped in goey runny tradition. Its mineral content assists wit blood clotting, clear skin, and perhaps cholesterol. I have never had it and it’s alien gutlike appearance has me very curious about its flavor.

Traditionally it is served with a raw egg... might skip that part.

Traditionally it is served with a raw egg… might skip that part.

Here is the recipe I am going to use (I promise to use organic soybeans), I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

Go ahead and swear off corn though. No easy task since it is the key ingredient in every processed food from strawberry jam to Steak ‘Ums (I count cows stuffed on corn a giant four legged ears of maize). Here is a chance to help put the wholesome back in one American classic.



Get behind this petition to take the GMO’s out of Cheerio’s and the new trend of spaming their facebook page with GMO related comments.

If they are going to uses nostalgic ads from when their product was GMO free they should have the integrity to use the same ingredients from the era.

I will end with an ad for junk food that pushes beta-carotene to a new extreme, BABY CARROTs?!


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