It might be the, Bar… But it is Not Chocolate


Not the Confection of Great Complexion

Not the Confection of Great Complexion

I have a nutrition class final i really should be studying for right now so this Wednesday’s post is a quicky.

Right from the get go. Chocolate beans, a.k.a Cacao, does not cause ache. But don’t nibble any Nestle just yet.
My sister mentioned how she had been “breaking out” all month long and that she needed to dial back her chocolate consumption (sacrilege?… maybe). I asked what type of chocolate she was eating. A daily dose of Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar was her indulgence of choice.

Research being done at New York University’s Food Studies department
has determined that, “there is increasing evidence of a relationship between diet and acne. The link is stronger in high glycemic load diets and dairy products compared to other dietary components”

Let’s look at the ingredients in this bar candy bar.

Screenshot from 2013-05-14 12:13:21

Pretty unintimidating by modern mass produced chocolate standards. Still, sugar and dairy come before chocolate, which is then followed by two other forms of dairy (lactose and skim milk) and some soy. These are the ingredients that *MIGHT be causing my sis’s acne.

Check out the ingredients for a Americas favorite candy bar, Snickers


First we see milk chocolate, which ends up being sugar, three separate dairy ingredients, then chocolate) the nougat is mostly comprised of sugar and hydrogenated soy oil. Don’t stress over though because…

*Stress is the variable MOST linked to spikes ache and poor complexion. Many studies have measured spikes in ache during exam season for students.

If you would like some chocolate but want to avoid some of the skin unfriendly ingredients read the label. Try to indulge in a darker percentage with coming in after chocolate less dairy and sugar. If you got a sweet chocolate tooth eat it with a banana companion. Regardless, please please please don’t stress it.

Monkey's do get acne for a reason

Monkey’s do not get acne for a reason


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