Friday Food News Round Up: Random Tastes of Spring

Good Morning Sunshine! A tasty TGIF to you.

1) Believe in Hydration

I know it is early, but right of the bat we got to talk about Coke again. Here is an interview with Katie Bayne, Coca-Cola’s president of sparkling beverages in North America. Coke has been ramping up the positive PR, championing itself as the cure, not cause, to obesity. Mostly this just means printing catchy infographics for facebooker to Like and tweeters to retweet. Bayne’s answers were so ridiculous I was sure it was a hoax or something cooked up by The Onion.

The Bayne of Nutrition

The Bayne of Nutrition

When asked about those who viewed Coke-Cola beverages as empty calories, Bayne responds:

“A calorie is a calorie. What our drinks offer is hydration. That’s essential to the human body. We offer great taste and benefits whether it’s an uplift or carbohydrates or energy. We don’t believe in empty calories. We believe in hydration.”

This quote is as silly as it is dangerous. The sodium and caffeine content of sodacan cause dehydration. I believe in free and clean hydration, before there was soda there was water

Quick... HYDRATE!


Is coke the cure to Americas ails Marion Nestle put it best:

“The only way Coke can really help address obesity and poor diets is to sell less soda—the one thing its stockholders will not allow. And the company is doing everything it can to fight city and state soda taxes, portion size caps, or anything else that might reduce sales.”

Meanwhile… in France.

2) Royale wit Cheez

Lets set the stage.

Heard of the French Paradox. Considering America’s chronic disease rates, nutrition scientist have always looked at France with envy. Why can the French indulge in wine, cheese, and sweets daily and still maintain a wealth of health? We may never know because French food is fading as fast food is flourishing. Fast food chains now account for 54 percent of all restaurant sales in France.

The force is strong with this bun

The force is strong with this bun

The number of causal cafés in France has dropped from 200,000 to 32,000 since the end of WWII. A shorting lunch break has demands an “American-style automated experience,” also know as stuffing a meal in 15 minutes while power walking. Cie la vie.

Meanwhile… in Brazil

3) Brazil has Cajones! Sueing the Golden Archs!

The Procon consumer agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has fined McDonald’s $1.6 million for targeting children with advertising and toys.


Lawyer, Renan Ferraciolli had this to say. “There’s no need to appeal as they do to children without the maturity or the rationality to enter the market as consumers.”

Agreed, ! hope American lawyer follow suit on this lawsuit.

4) Cabinet full of Random, throw em’ in a pie

On a truly lighter note here is a fun little bit of random. King Author Flour’s website has a Bake with what’s in your pantry recipe app.

I entered pecans, chilli, and garlic and got this savoury sugarless snackable.

Spicy Garlic Nuts

Spicy Garlic Nuts

5) Nuts in a nut shell

Speaking of nuts, here is a little article that will diagnose your nutty needs

Don’t go to Nuts, have a good weekend.


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