Best (and likely only) Vegan Chocolate of the Month Club


As far as I know this is the only by mail vegan chocolate of the month club (and if it some how isn’t I am sure it is still the best one). Don’t let the vegan part scare ya, cacaomnivorous primates of all diets should enjoy good chocolate.

Coracao is an amazing confection outfit. Their focus has always been on replacing vice with nice.Worrking with them has been a velvety dream. A great deal of my interest in nutrition stems directly from the cacao bean and I am grateful to be surrounded by good people and good chocolate

I hope this does not come off as a shameless plug considering I work for Coracao Confections… but I’m not on commission so take this with a gain of crystal salt.

Check out this new review from Choosing Raw.

If you love chocolate, supporting small biz and sustainable practices, or boosting serotonin on by the bundle pack, consider this convenient cacao delivery system.

P.S. The first secret bonus item is quite the all American all-star candy bar likely missed by many vegan. Rhymes with knickers, comes with almonds. Personally a Milky Way would make my day, but I am happy to settle.



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