Wedseday Five Down: Eating Well 70 Miles a day

With a 400 mile bike tour in the works and training for my first Crossfit competition in June, the month of May may kill me.

At first, the looming tour had my food anxiety on high gear. What the hell does a processed foods free vegetarian eat with out a kitchen on hand. Well as it turns out lots and I am eager at trying my hand at some new road recipes. Here are five ideas.


Five Foods For Bike Bag Travelers:


1) Dates

Glycogen will be in short supply. With all the cycling sapping my glucose, I am going need some brain food.

I don’t want my mind to start eating my thigh muscles; carbs are key and dates are carbs. Rich in calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium (take that Powerbar) nature’s carb bomb candy is quite the athlete’s companion.

Normally, I shy away from more than a couple high sugar snacks a day (I do work for a vegan chocolate company after all), but normally I don’t bike 70-80 miles a day. A date every 10 miles will be a sound start this nutrition mission. I think I will soak a few before bedding down for a sweet breakfast.


2) Dried Sweet Taters

I have been looking for an excuse to make some sweet tater chippers and here it is. Dates may become a sweet old hat a few days into this journey. Some savory carbs with help break up the medjool monotony


3) Friendly Fatty Fats

In the short term our body wants carbs. After about 60 minutes of aerobic activity however, friendly fats are the fuel of choice. With 9 calories per gram (compared to 4 for carbs and proteins) they are the best macro nutrient option for light packing.

Coconut oil and almond butter are two jars joining this journey

4) Tempeh Jerky

Jerky has been the adventurers convenient preserve since the Quechua, original tribes of Ecuador, started chopping smoking and chomping ch’arki( “to burn meat”) back in 1550. Pemmican, ch’arki northern Cree cousin, dates back even further.

Tempeh is agreed by most dieticians to be soy’s most nutritious whole food form. 4 millennia and it hasn’t changed much. Whole soybeans are soaked, chopped, semi-cooked, mixed with a koji mold culture, and left in a warm place to ferment.

I am going to set some strips in a smokey marinate and dehydrate those meaty beans into protein cycle snacks.

The convenience of jerky married with the nutrient density of tempeh, with probiotics to boot!

5) Pastured Eggs… Really?

With the wealth of new research into dietary cholesterol lacking link to chronic disease, and the girth of ethical raising tactics, pastured eggs sit alright with my personal diet. These litte pastured powerhouses have become my protein of choice.


The demands for protein double for athletic days (from .45 grams to 1 gram per pound body weigh) Furthermore, my soon to be ailing thigh and calve muscles will appreciate the B12 that comes with theses my amino amigos. I would prefer to return from this journey with my legs slightly more ripped then torn.

Day one is definitely going be all about the duck egg hard boilers. While chicken eggs have 11% of your daily B12 value, a nutrient vegetarians struggle with, ducks boast about 63%. They also have a thicker shell, increasing shelf life. With a cold pack in the sack I need not fear any eggsperation for two days.

Then again some studies find that while refrigeration is ideal, fresh unwashed pastured eggs are safe and edible stored at room temp for several months. Apparently unwashed eggs have a natural antibacterial coating. I’m going to conduct a traveling eggperiment, I will keep you posted on the results.


That is what I got in the works for the moment but more to come from the road. O yeah, one more!


DAILY BONUS OPTION: Dark Chocolate, curiosity of CoraCao


3 Comments on “Wedseday Five Down: Eating Well 70 Miles a day”

  1. lacy davis says:

    where ya bikin to? I wanna go on a ride like that!

  2. Phew! Sounds intense. Interesting egg facts, there. Favourite line? “I don’t want my mind to start eating my thigh muscles” – wise. So much love for dates. Good luck!
    Heidi xo

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