Friday Food News Round Up: Gut Up or Shut Up

Gut health is a mission of mine, and judging from the probiotic press propagating the headlines I do not think I am alone.

Lets get colon… I mean rollin

1) The Enemy of My Enemy?

Last week I did a quick post about the dairy industries push to change labelling of flavored non-nutriative sweetened milk in schools. Children don’t like to buy things labelled as low calorie and/or fat (probably because the taste like toilet) The graphic below will give you the sweet-n-low down on what this means for milk.


The FDA has acceptable intakes for artificial sweeteners, therefore I believe it is the responsibility of the industry to make there content known. My unlikely ally: The Sugar Association. For the moment lets use their muscle, but when they try to replace the Splenda with corn syrup this alliance reaches its expiration date.

The FDA wants your comments on this one, give ’em here.

2) America’s Gut Talent

A new study by linked obesity to gut microbes. Apparently certain bacteria in the gut causes it to extract more calories from food, adding to weight gain. Specifically Methanobrevibacter smithii.

This bad ass bacteria is really a good ass bacteria.

This bad ass bacteria is really a good ass bacteria.

It produces methane by scavenging hydrogen from other microrganisms. Researchers propose that this gives hydrogen producing bacteria a boost, making them more efficient so as to extract more nutrients and calories from food. Quite the evolutionary advantage when subsisting on the hunted and gathered, quite the ankle weight dining on the processed and packaged.


Rhinos had fur?!

Solution Pharmaceutical Companies Propose: Cripple our Guts with antibiotics, or so this study is proposing.
Solution Foodies Propose: Try to cook one meal a day from whole food ingredients and eat it with another human being.

I opt for the latter.

4) America’s Crappiest Bank

Keep an eye for human stool banks in the years to come, as more American intestines become devoid of flora.


Bacterial infections from Clostridium difficile (C. Diff) is a normal gut floras residing in over 3 million Americans. For some, the elderly especially, this bac is harsh biz. As many as 30.000 might be dying each year from infections.

Infections are typically the result of taking antibiotics, which wipe out friendly bacteria in the colon that normally keep C. diff under control. Inflammatory toxins run amok causing colitis.

5) My New Favorite Dessert is Probiotic!

Quinoa Amazake... an a shy green drink

Quinoa Amazake… an a shy green drink

Amazake is a traditional Japanese grain ferment (and hangover cure) dating back to the 3rd century. It is part of a a family of ferments (amazake, tamari, soy, miso) using a Koji culture starter. It is usually made with rice but any grain will do. I used quinoa. The process predigests the grain rendering its nutrients more exposed and its fibers less inflammatory to your hungry gut, and with awesome enzymes to boot.

Unlike miso, which takes months to ferment, you can pro this biotic in about 12 hours. Here is the recipe.

The result is a soft porridge is a delicate earthy sweetness reminiscent of brown rice syrup but much more mild. Tablespoon of nut butter and some cinnamon…じょうかい

Moral of this intestinal tale is simple. Less antibiotics, more probiotics.



2 Comments on “Friday Food News Round Up: Gut Up or Shut Up”

  1. newtoveggies says:

    I can’t wait to try that recipe! I’ve recently started making my own kombucha which is really good for your gut too. It’s full of probiotics and enzymes. It takes longer to make though so I like that your concoction can be made overnight! Love this post full of information.

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