5 & WISE Wednesday: Clean Mineral Sources for the Hurried Urban Forager

Chalky pills need not solve all life’s metabolic problems. Here are five foods with astounding mineral density, that happen to be about as quick as a multivitamin (or my sketchy renderings).

1) Brazil nuts for Seleniumbrazilnut
one of these jumbo jungle jams contain 2500 times the selenium found in any other nut WHAAAA?! Selenium is integral to thyroid health, a precursor to antioxidant construction, and functional digestion friend.

Make a habit of popping one of every morning.

FUN FACT: Almost all Brazil nuts come from Boliviacacao

2) Cacao for Iron

I have discussed dark chocolate before, probably to help justify my own heaping habit. With 29% of my daily value of iron per ounce and its cholesterol regulatory powers am not beating myself up about it. Just make sure to get the above 75% dairy free blends, Diary interferes with antioxidant benefits, and to much sugar undoes the hearty good.

>75% is everywhere these days, come see me at the farmers markets listed here and get a piece for free

3) Sweet Taters for Potassium
(and pretty much every other trace mineral)sweet_potato

Potassium from bananas…yawn. That foreign fruit had to journey its way from South America to reach you kreb cycle. Choose a tasty Chinese yam, golden Japanese, or a purple Okinawa instead (despite the names they are all pretty local). They are cheap and cooking is as easy as a few stabs with a fork turning your oven to the on position. Always great with cinnamon.

Which reminds me.

4) Cinnamon for MagnesiumScreenshot

Crampy legs? Constant constipation? You might just be a little magnesium deficit.

No worries though, getting it is as easy as pie, provided the pie has cinnamon.

Magnesium in necessary for regulating muscle contraction and a precursor to enzymes responsible for fat and protein digestion. So dust meals with cinnamon whenever the flavor seems appropriate.

While We are chatting spice.

5) Turmeric for OMG like everythingturmeric

One teaspoon Turmeric:
– Calcium = 18%
– Iron = 230%
– Magnesium = 48%
– Phosphorus = 27%
– Potassium = 72%
– Zinc = 29%
– Copper = 30%
– Manganese = 392%

It also works wonders as a yellow food coloring.

Tonight: Turmeric sweet tater mash with a shaved Brazil nuts for dinner, a chunk of cinnamon dusted dark chocolate for dessert. I think I see your nutrient density glowing from my window.


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