Friday Food Roundup: Hot n’ Spicy Blend

Happy Friday Folks, lets kick off the weekend nice with spice.

1) Mighty Milk of Montezuma

A Slice of Cacao Life

A Slice of Cacao Life

Interested in the history of that hot coco your sippin’ on, well the Coracao blog got a chocolaty synopsis. Sipping chocolate sets you much closer to the cacao beans glorious Maya past then you might think, especially if you got some cayenne in mug.

Cayenne peppers are choc full of phytochemical bonuses , and the news about cacao just keeps getting better.


Grab some of the above ingredients and drink deep of the thy elixir

2) Bright and Buzzing Spring Recipe:


Great recipe from an epicurious world traveller (I met her at Baandada Children’s Home in Thailand)

Ginger and carrots are both rocking the spring farmers market, grocers, and Chinatown produce sidewalk crates. Go get some and whip up an easy antioxidant rich spread.

Then get really crazy health an spread it on something green and edible.

3) Life is Short (and getting shorter!?)

Just not in the USA

Just not in the USA

A new study finds that shift in the levels of obesity, diabetes, hypertension , and heart disease have put us on track to be the first generation in the developed western world to have a shorter life expectancy than the previous. Since smoking rates are decreasing, its becoming harder and harder not to blame standard diets.


I’ll Be ^^ There ^^ tomorrow, come visit me and help prove this study wrong. EBT accepted


One Comment on “Friday Food Roundup: Hot n’ Spicy Blend”

  1. Thanks for the link, Sean. Excited to get stuck into farmers markets in the US when we visit soon! We’ll have to try and meet up, seems like you’re around where we’ll be. I’ll Facebook you.
    Heidi xo

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