A Trip to Tahoe Trains my Tongue in Taste


Like most Americans, I create an overly busy life. Free time, down time, or moments of unproductivity make me anxious. Why is doing “nothing” such a shameful indulgence, and why must this logic extend to the American stomach.

To often I take my meals,

In a rush,
between tasks,
devoid of connection

Well last week I went to Tahoe and for three days I tried my very best to do nothing and, in doing so, taste something.


Here are three things I forced myself to do for 3 days in the presence of the Jewel of the Sierra.

The goal: To better eat with respect and mindfulness

1) Grab Some Chop Sticks, Then Put Them Down.

Eating with chop sticks builds dexterity and utilizes more cognitive gumption than fork n’ spoon n’ shovel method. Not all meals lends themselves well to this stripped down utensil but the ones that do tend to feel a bit better for you. After a bit o’ practice you’d be surprised by two sticks versatility and (provided your not starving) the challenge is sort of fun.

If you’re like me, there is this compulsion to prepare the next bite as the present bite is being worked over. It was a tragic observation. So now when I did artfully maneuver a morsel to my mouth, I put the chop sticks (or what ever eating implement I am clutching) down and focus on the bite at hand.
If I take the time to make it tasty I should certainly take the time to taste it fully after all

2) Eat Epically, or at least in the sun from time to time


I am a big fan of meals with a view; in Tahoe waterfalls are my favorite condiment… next to tahini. Eating in scenery slows me down. I have no scholarly article to prove this point but just think of how good food tastes when your camping and I think the point proves itself.

Don’t munch lunch in stuffy break rooms blinded by fluorescents, walk to the park across the street and add some vitamin D to your meal, or just stoop it on the outdoor steps, take a lazy bite and watch the world go by. Better yet, next time you have time, which for many is to rare a thing, pack a picnic and head into the sun.

3) Chew, Notice, Masticate, Note, Chomp, Mark


It is a point that is made quite a bit theses days, but most of us just don’t chew are food long enough. This is terrible considering the digestive and nutrient benefits of well mash meals. I got this one down pretty well considering the amount of veggie in my diet. Lets make tastes linger and all make a pack to aim for at least 20 mouth motions per mushroom, meatball, macaroon, what have you.

Back in the bay now and am trying to enact my mountain meal habits with mixed success but I’m my favorite Simion and Garfunkle tune,

“Slow down your movin’ to fast,
time to make that moment last”

Before I Go! Here are great non-nature Tahoe spots.

Grassroots Food Coop


South Tahoe Crossfit


Alpine Coffee House



One Comment on “A Trip to Tahoe Trains my Tongue in Taste”

  1. Brandie says:

    Now you made me wanna go back to Tahoe…..

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