Friday Food Roundup: Coco Sugar Edition


1) Coco Sweetened News

We’re famous! In a local cable sorta way. Coracao Confections was featured in a little CBS Bay Area News Healthwatch. The topic: Coconut sugar

I agree with the two good Doctors, and am especially fond of Dr. Lustig’s research, a calorie is a calorie when it come so weight gain. 100 calories of coco sweets will yield the same girth as two Oreos. But what is it that Coconut Sugar is sweetening?

My God! When did they fill them with Caramel?!!

My God! When did they fill them with Caramel?!!

A bulging adipose fat cell doesn’t discriminate between sugars, but a brain neuron is a little more glycemically biased. It is quite a bit harder to overindulge in the thing that coconut sugar is sweetening. It is quite a bit easier to polish of a box of Chips Ahoy Chewies than a quarter pound of dark chocolate. The below equation illustrates my point:

Carbs + (High Gly Quick Absorption x Sweet) = Crave
Fat + (Low Gly Slow Absorption x Sweet) = Fullness and smiles

2) Sweet Taste of Freedom?

While we are on the High Fructose Corn Subject.

32 oz. of Liver Lashing Freedom

32 oz. of Liver Lashing Freedom

Palin’s Gulp of protest got a lot of press as judges shot down Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s large soda limiting efforts. I’d be fine with this sarcastic sip if the GOP were more open to continuing to fund government funded health care in light of morbid projections for the obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases directly tied to sweetened drinks.

3) Study Happy Hubbies Heaftyer


On the not so lighter side, Newly weds are more likely to but on weight if than divorcées after two years. A new study from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas speculated that the freshly single have more incentive to appear attractive. A testament to the mental mis-logic surrounding America and its weight. Health should be the primary motivator for healthy weight, not appearance.

That being said, I am sure the cognitive and stress reducing benefits of a happy relationships offer a host of healthy perks as well. Divorce is probably worse for blood pressure.

4) A Local Recipe for a Coco Sugar Spring

Behold The Power of Palm

Behold The Power of Palm

One the legitimately lighter side here is Very Simple, Very Versatile, and most importantly Very Tasty Coconut sugar recipe for all. Bay Area Local source Chef Kasey Caletti’s nut butter berry thumb print cookies.


For the very vegan version just remember: 1 egg = 1 tb Milled flax w/ 3 tb warm H20


2 Comments on “Friday Food Roundup: Coco Sugar Edition”

  1. Kristin says:

    I love this post – I absolutely agree about the coconut sugar. The quality is so much more important than the calories! And those cookies look delicious! 🙂

    • Sean Jewell says:

      O they are, if food is indeed a vessel for nutrients i’d much rather be sailin’ on a coco sugar cruise than the turbulent seas of High Fructose Corn Syrup

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