Friday Food Roundup



My 1st effort to do more quick posts about interesting news from the cult-o-food… might become weekly… but don’t hold me to that.

1) Looking to limit your moral and/or dietary fiber? Why not eat some retired circus animals…. while you can.

Illinois legislature is rushing to outlaw the sale of African lion to exotic meat clubs. Aren’t Lions endangered you might ask. True, that is while lion meat is sourced from elderly exotic pets and circus lions.

I am ok with this practice, provided that when lion meat eaters are old and weak they drench themselves in BBQ sauce head down to Ringling Brothers and return the flavor.

2) 20-30 eggs per day!? surprisingly not a big deal if your this guy’s heart.


An 88 year old man was getting 2 dozen a day delivered to his nursing home to feed a compulsive hard boiled habit. The man had an active lifestyle and did not drink or smoke.

The article goes in to more depth, but here are a few of the adaptations his body developed:
– Increased pancreatic bile production (2x a normal person) to process the excess fat
– Large reduction in the body synthesis of self-made cholesterol
– Greatly efficient cholesterol uptake control mechanisms

The result => 13mg cholesterol pasted through feces… whew

An amazing example of the bodies ability to adapt. This type of diet is clearly not recommended unless you’re a mongoose or Paul Newman, but it does lend evidence to the growing body of research pointing to the lack of a solid link between whole foods dietary cholesterol consumption and heart disease.

3) Vitamin D May Lower Diabetes Risk in Obese Children and Adolescents

Type 2 got you down, take a sun bath, or at least take a supplement. A new study shows that cheap and available Vit. D supplements helped improve insulin absorption nearly as much as expensive pharmaceuticals for obese adolescents and teenagers.

4) Green Wash:


If your like most people, anything with a green colored wrapper is viewed as more healthy, at least according to this new study.

The health properties of green are tied more to the chlorophyll than the label frill, no wonder my Mountain Dew Apple Jack green smoothie does more harm than. Here are some green foods that aren’t tricking anyone.

The Shrek Bar

The Shrek Bar

St. P's Tomato Squeaze

St. P’s Tomato Squeaze

Soylent Snowballs

Soylent Snowballs

Pinch me not Bagel

Pinch me not Bagel

I got nothin'

I got nothin’


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